LGO! ~ Daily Cleaning Chores

This week I’m going to be doing things a little differently, I’m hoping! I have been slacking off on my house cleaning and even on my organizing. I come and blog about what I’m going to do during the week and then I barely accomplish half of it. And it drives me CRAZY that I don’t do everything I wanted to!! Yes, I’m one of those people that does something that wasn’t on my to do list so I write it down after it’s done to feel like I’ve accomplished something. I know, I’m crazy! But, it’s the little things like that that help me keep my sanity cleaning and being a wife 🙂 The little accomplishments are seriously the biggest ones for me!

Anyway, this week I am going to concentrate on completing ALL of the basic chores I SHOULD be doing every day. I have a list of everything that needs to be done in the day and the order it should be accomplished in. I’m really not too worried about the order as much as just getting it done.

Monday ~ Wash boys’ clothes & Bedding, Clean downstairs bathroom, vacuum whole house, Dust lights, fans & blinds

Tuesday ~ Wash my bedding, Round up bathroom & other trashes, Clean microwave, Clean upstairs bathroom

Wednesday ~ Wash Blankets, Food Inventory, Balance finances & Etsy work

Thursday ~ Wash towels, sweep & mop kitchen, Deep clean the kitchen sink, Organize papers & mail

Friday ~ Wash Boys’ clothes, Vacuum house and under furniture, Organize laundry room & desk areas

So, there you have it! My list for cleaning this week and I am DETERMINED to check off every single one of these jobs each day! How about you? Are you ready to CLEAN??!! Have you been doing a lot of Spring Cleaning? Tell us about it!

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow! I have a fun tutorial coming and another one on Thursday! Yay!! This week is going to be packed full of fun just like the last one! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “LGO! ~ Daily Cleaning Chores

  1. Let’s get physical!! I love to hear from people, too. And yet I never do. I haven’t had a comment in a million years. I have low blogging esteem. So guess who mopped her floor for the first time in, like, two months today? Me! It was a major accomplishment. And I weeded. Sigh. I wish I could get more done. But I have the Troublesome Towheads I have to deal with all day. They kill me.

    1. I can barely handle one at home right now!! Way to go mopping your floor! I need to clean the bathrooms like I said I was going to! 🙂

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