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Ok, so remember on the Jan 5th when I blogged and said I was going to start doing the 31 baby steps with Fly lady? Well, I did it that first day. And then I felt so overwhelmed by everything ELSE I expected myself to do, that I just didn’t have time to add ONE more thing to that list. Especially if it was dumb things like, ‘check my flylady email’, etc. Sorry, Fly lady, but I have about 200 other emails that I don’t normally get to a day, why would I make myself read yours? lol I mean no offense to fly lady and anyone that likes her routines. I might actually like it, but I am just too overwhelmed right now.

I might just move right on past the baby steps and onto the zones. I like the idea of having different cleaning zones. I am considering all of my possibilities right now. I have started watching a few different organizing channels on YouTube to help me figure out how to organize myself and my home and I am really enjoying all the input!

My favorite organizing channels right now are:

Happily a Housewife

Organized Little Lady

Organized Clutter Bug

I have been following Samantha, from happilyahousewife, since the beginning of January and she’s been doing a new cleaning and organizing challenge each day for the month of Jan. I have been kind of participating, but not really sharing. I think I might do one video at the end of them month about all of the areas. I’m not sure yet.

I am thinking about revamping my cleaning and organizing schedule because what I’m doing now doesn’t work 100% of the time. I am gathering ideas and will hopefully perfect my routine and figure out what works for me in the next month.

I am considering starting an organizing YouTube channel, but I’m not really sure if I should. There are a lot of YouTuber’s that have more than one channel, but I’m already feeling overwhelmed with what I want to do with my crafty channel that I’m not sure adding another channel would help me out. My plan is to get organized this year, not go crazy!

Anyway, right now I am putting the fly lady babysteps aside. I might pick them back up again in the future or maybe read more into her cleaning zone idea and see what that’s all about. Or maybe I’ll do the babysteps but cut out all of the ones that have me search her website.

I am planning on doing a brain dump video on my Youtube channel this week so I’ll let you know when that goes up.

This week I am working on cleanning my and my husband’s room. Today I didn’t do anything except make the bed. Tomorrow I will start by cleaning up the bookcases. Wish me luck! I think my room will be harder than the boys’!!

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