LGO ~ The Garage Review

I know you’ve been waiting patiently to see how I did in the garage so I thought I’d post about it today. It turned out great, but I’m not all the way done. There’s a bunch of bookcases that I’m going to use in the house somewhere, but I just don’t have a place for them yet, so that means they’re home for now is the garage. Needless to say, I’m not parking inside of it yet, but I will soon:)

Here’s the before pictures:

It was a HUGE mess!!

Messy, messy!

There were boxes and luggage and photography equipment, it was chaos.

It’s a wonder we could find anything in this place!! We had to move boxes out of our way to get to that shelf.

I pulled everything out and put onto the sidewalk and the lawn.

It was a LOT of stuff!

AND now, for the after pictures:

It’s CLEAN!!!


It looks so much more organized with most of this stuff hanging up. I need to figure out a better place for the wagon and I want to sell the blinds and the headboard, some day. LOL I think I want to paint a design on the headboard, but I’m not sure what yet.

This side of the garage is still a little unorganized. I’m going to move the bookcases at the far right end of the garage back into the house when I find a place for them. I’m gong to move the wood and the white shelves as well, but I’m not sure where yet.

Some of the shelves are still empty so I have more organizing and work to do.

This is the kids’ toy shelf. Their water guns are in the box and their chalk is in the circular bins next to it.

This is the corner that used to be so unorganized it made me crazy!! Here’s the before picture of this area:

The table you see in the after picture above I got for FREE off of Freecycle!! Woohoo!! Have I told you how much I LOVE freecycle? 🙂 I was going to use it as my sewing cutting table, but then realized we needed some more organizing space for the garage and it fit perfectly in the corner.

Nemo’s Dog food is in the box on the left. Jonas gets a monthly shipment from a medical company for pediasure. That’s the other box. My photography equipment is in the corner.


This area of the garage makes me excited! Why? Well, because, for 3 1/2 years I had a Kitchen organizer shelf next to the door and then there was the trash can that we used to keep Nemo’s food in. Right by the door I had the swiffers and sweeper that would lean against the organizer. Mark hated that because they would fall in the way of the door or the dog would knock them over. It just wasn’t working. When I had everything cleared away I noticed the board with nails on the wall that had already been there. For 3 1/2 years I had a solution at my finger tips and I didn’t even know it!!

The book shelves that will soon be moved or relocated.

This shelf came with the garage. I relocated the paint that was in a different area to the top two shelves. Mark’s tools and nails and things of that sort are there as well. As you can see there are some empty shelves here too. I need to spend a little more time organizing things around the garage.

The paint shelves and the bug spray on the very top.

The tool shelf. In the pink bucket is paint brushes and other tools for painting.


Before                                                                                                                                             After

How does it look? I am very pleased with how it turned out. I still have a lot of work to do, but this is a great start!:) How has your organizing been going? I hope well! Stay tuned for my post about how the Laundry room has changed.

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3 thoughts on “LGO ~ The Garage Review

  1. AAAAMMMAZING! You have so much energy, Megs! I’m way jealous. My garage is a disaster area. I need someone to take a huge broken clothes dryer away, and a huge 55 gallon barrel of used motor oil that we inherited with the house. And then I can get to work on the small stuff.

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