My Staples Shopping Trip

I went to Staples yesterday, like I said I was going to do. I also went to Target. The deals weren’t as good at Target, in my opinion.

First off, I want to say that, you really need to plan these trips out beforehand! It helps a lot! It also helps to go without your kids, but if you have to take them, go at a time when they’re happy. It didn’t work out in my favor yesterday for the baby to be happy, but we made it through the shopping ok.

Staples had some great deals that I’m glad I took advantage of! This time of year they have amazing rebates on their printer paper. The sad thing is you can only buy 2 reams per household. I needed 4 so I bought them in 2 separate transactions. I asked if that was ok and the lady said that was fine, so I hope that’s not “cheating”.

This is what I bought:

What I bought was 4 reams of printer paper, 2 bottles of glue, 7″ scissors, 1 composition notebook with dotted lines, and 1 wide-ruled notebook.

My total OOP (out of pocket) was $32.81.

When I get my rebates in a month or so my total will have only been $5.85!!!!!!!  That’s about 82% savings!! I’m very excited that I saved that much, or should I say, will save. I’m not a very good coupon shopper anymore and I don’t always wait for sales so when I save this much it makes me totally ecstatic!!:)

How did I get it down so low? Well, right now Staples is doing their paper $.25 sale where you buy a ream at $6.99 (which isn’t the best price), but at purchase an easy rebate prints out. You go home, get online and fill out the easy rebate form online. They will process it and within 4-6 weeks you should have $6.74 mailed to you in a check. OR this time they had the option to do it through Paypal! I totally took advantage of that. I hope I’ll get my rebate faster!!

So, for every ream you buy you will get $6.74 back making the ream only $.25!! The limit is 2 per household so be careful if you need to buy more. You can do 2 transactions, but then you’ll need a second address to get the rebate.

This is only about half of the supplies I need for the boys. I’m planning on going to Walgreens and Walmart for the rest of it. I will hopefully be all done doing their school shopping by next Tuesday. That makes me happy and feeling very accomplished. Now, I just hope the sales don’t get phenomenally better while I’m gone! lol

Thanks for stopping by!! Good luck with your school shopping!

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