Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Valentine’s Day Gifts FAIL!!


Today we’re going to do things a little different, just for kicks and giggles…. well, and for some other reasons aslo:)


Sooo, I know I told you I’d be back today with a post about the St. Patty’s Day wreath I’ve been planning on making. Well, this week has been full of sickness, dr. appt’s, x-rays, MRI’s and much more so I’m lucky that I’ve been able to keep up with the blog at all! PLUS, my laptop is on the fritz right now! The fan is going out and so I can only use it for about 10 minutes before it starts overheating. UGH!!

SOooo, today’s post isn’t going to be the wreath I know you were ALL looking forward to seeing and I am VERY sorry about that!! I’m hoping we can get better over the weekend and I can get it done so I can post it next week! *SIGH*

Today’s post is going to be about the pinterest fail I had back at the beginning of February. I found a cute idea on pinterest using candy canes. All you had to do was heat them in the oven for ten minutes and when they got out shape them into a heart. I was then going to make a cute little printable that said, “You melt my heart” and put the candy cane hearts in a little valentine’s day plastic bag I got at Walmart.

I was very sad that my candy canes all seemed to be broken!! It didn’t work out that well because they would ooze out of the broken ends creating some funky looking pieces.


These were the first 2 candy canes I tried to use. I just left them out this way because I thought I’d have enough time to make them into a heart shape before they hardened….


Cooking in the oven.


This is what they looked like when I pulled them out.


and this is what they looked like once I had started putting them together. They started hardening almost immediately after I took them out, so taking pictures of the process wasn’t helping me any:)


I wasn’t going to give up though!! The 2 candy canes on the left only broke in one place, but the 3rd one broke in 4!! *SIGH* I put them in their original candy cane shape in hopes that they would stick together as they melted in the oven.


It KIND OF worked, but wherever there was a break the middle came oozing out.


I quickly tried molding them together to look like a heart…


And ended up with these two weird looking things. Ultimately, NOT what I was going for!! This was what I wanted them to look like:


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