School Deals

How is everyone doing? I hope well! I’m enjoying my California vacation!!!

I was perusing the office depot ad on Sunday an came across some pretty good deals!

$.01 liquid glue
$.25 3 pk pink erasers
$.25 filler paper
$3 expo markers 4pk

$.01 filler paper, BUT you have to spend $5 before getting that price
$.75 crayons markers
$.50 pencil box
$1 copy paper ( after rebate)
$1 glue sticks 4 pk

$.49 scotch magic tape ($.50 off coupon on target.com!!!)
$.49 pencil box
$.49 RoseArt markers, pencils crayons (free RoseArt crayons when you buy markers or pencils! Also $1/3 coupon on target.com)
$.49 rulers
$.49 mead notebooks
$1 sheet protectors
$3 printer paper

Those are the deals I’ve seen so far for this week. I think I might go to office depot if I can find one! Also, free tape at target sounds good too!!:)

I am doing laundry all day today and packing up to leave for Vegas tomorrow morning. I’ll be busy enjoying family there for the next week and a half! Woohoo!:) I’m planning on being back to my normal blogging schedule by the end of August. I have a feeling that once I get back on the 18th it will take me a while to recoup from our trip!!! Lol

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re doing well!!

1 thought on “School Deals

  1. I was looking at school supplies prices at Wal-Mart today, and these are way better deals than what I was seeing over there! Ben won’t let me buy school supplies until the last week in August – hopefully there are still some left by then!!

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