Sewing Saturday

I am so overwhelmed by all the sewing projects I am trying to accompllish at one time. I just do NOT have enough time to do everything I need AND want to do in a day! UGH!! It’s seriously driving me crazy this week!! I have 4 photography sessions I’m working on as well as 3 sewing projects, a blog mentor group I’m participating in, which is REALLY helping me and I’m learning a lot. I’m glad I’m doing the photography and mentor group, but at the same time I just wish I had more time to sew.

Today, I was hoping to post the sew along dress, but I’m only half way done. I have the buttons and the bottom to put together. I’m afraid of doing the buttons! I was going to tackle that today, but my photograhy sessions looks sooooo much more inviting! LOL So, today you just get in the process pictures!


I am SO in LOVE with the colors of this dress!!


Sewing on the sleeves. Not my favorite part…


But, it all worked out! This is as far as I’ve gotten. I need to sew the button holes and sew on the buttons. I practiced doing this on a scrap yesterday and it was pretty easy, but it still makes me nervous to actually do it on the actual dress!! IMG_9068

I’m just glad my machine has a button foot that does all the work! Then it will even sew on the button with a different button foot. Yay! My life couldn’t get easier sewing buttons…. well, maybe it could…. 🙂

What are you sewing this weekend? I hope a lot more than I am!! I better get back to working on photos! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Sewing Saturday

  1. I’m so impressed with what you can do now! I finally started my placemats! I’ve had the fabric since memorial day and I am finally doing it. They are all put together and ready to quilt. Now I just have to buy my free-motion foot and I will be set!

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