Sewing Saturday ~ 30 sewing projects

Happy Saturday all!! Today has been a busy day for us in our house! I’ve been busy with blog stuff and craft ideas and other weekend sort of stuff. I finished 2 sewing projects and I’m excited to blog about them, not yet, but soon! 🙂

I decided to write up this post today because I’m having a problem with changing my mind about my 30 sewing projects I want to accomplish before I turn 30. I am constantly changing my list and that’s ok, I knew I would do that as things came along and other things weren’t so important. I’m participating in a sewing series and that has also helped add some unforeseen projects to my list. I’m glad about those and I’m putting off some of the ones I really SHOULD be finishing and working on right now. UGH!

Anyway, I need a couple more ideas of projects to sew and I would love your help in deciding what they should be!! You can go check out my pinterest board or come up with something you’d like to see me create! The sky’s the limit here…. well, kind of, I am a beginner so I can’t do EVERYTHING!!

I’m excited to see what you come up with for me to work on!!

Here’s the list as of right now:

30 Sewing Projects Before I Turn 30:

1. Aviator hat for Jonas

2. Aviator hat for Brynnan

3. Aviator hat for Tinian

4. Bean bag frogs for Jonas

5. Bean bag frogs for Brynnan

6. Bean bag frogs for Lynn

7. Lil Gentleman’s suit

8. Snorlax bean bag chair

9. Tie for Brigham

10. Burp Cloths

11. Batman PJ pants for Brynnan

12. Ruffle Tote Bag

13. Winter PJ’s for Jonas

14. Winter pj’s for Brynnan

15. Sock Monkey

16. Valentine’s Day Sew Along Dress

17. Diaper & wipe carrier

18. Hooded Towel w/fabric strip & ric rac

19. 3 Tiered Ruffle Skirt

20. Tooth brush & tooth paste Travel case

21. Ruffles Galore Play & Party Pants

22. Maxi skirt for me

23. Teacher Aprons

24. Teacher Aprons

25. Teacher Aprons

26. Tooth Fairy Pillow

27.  Car Trash bag

28. Doll Shoes

29. Doll Clothes

30. DIY Ironing Board

The purple highlighted projects are ones I’m considering to replace with the ideas you give me. I’d really appreciate and LOVE your feedback on this!!

Some of the ones I’m thinking I should do from my pinterest board are the super hero cape, the ruffle diaper cover, the raglan t-shirt (I have THE cutest pinkish red flower fabric for this!! All I would need to get is a matching pink fabric for the sleeves), and the cozy hooded cape (which I just got the pattern for! I’m so excited to make it!!).

Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. Oh, jeez, I don’t know…I’d say do that raglan thing – you seem really excited to do that one. Do the ones that draw you the very most and make you the most excited.

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