Tasty Thursday ~ Crockpot Ham and Bean Soup

My sister and her husband are such a great team!! I wish I was into cooking like they are. Then maybe Mark and I would have fun in the kitchen creating yummy food too. Oh well! I’ll just enjoy their recipes:)


This recipe came from our Christmas ham! My husband made this for us and it was so yummy!! And then I made some cornbread to go with it. We’ve made ham and bean soup before using diced ham but this time we used the leftover ham bone.

Here’s what you need:

1 lb package dry northern beans

Ham bone or about 1 lb. diced ham

4 cans chicken broth

1 can water

About 3 tbsp. fresh sage

About 3 tbsp. fresh Italian parsley

1 tbsp. Garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Add all the ingredients to the crockpot, turn it on low, cover and cook for 8 hours.

When it’s done, the meat will have fallen off the ham bone so just remove the bone and serve with a slice of cornbread!



Mmmmm!! That looks SOoooooo good!! I’ll have to try this recipe out. We still have left over ham from Christmas…. wonder if it’s still any good… LOL

Thanks for stopping by! If you try one of Kaylee’s recipes come back and let us know how it turned out!! Hope you have a great weekend! I’m off to Sun Valley Idaho to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. Woohoo!! See ya next week! 🙂

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