Top 12 of 2012

As I was look at my 2012 review post the other day I decided to write up a post dedicated to the top 12 posts of 2012. I hope you have fun looking back at these posts as much as I did! Here they are:

#12 LGO~ The Garage Review

#11 Whatever Wednesday ~ 4th of July Dress

#10 Let’s Get Organized ~ Week 5

#9 Let’s Get Organized ~ Week 7

#8 LGO ~ Week 8

#7 Silhouette Saturday ~ Mario Brothers Bookmarks

#6 LGO ~ Day 13

#5 LGO ~ Week 2

#4 LGO ~ The Kitchen

#3 Whatever Wednesday ~ kitchen Organizer

#2 The 2012 Organization Challenge

And, the one you’ve all been waiting to see, the most popular post WAAAaaaassssss:

#1 Fashion Friday ~ The Chevron Pattern

If you actually read the 2012 in review post that wordpress.com put together for me then you probably already knew the chevron pattern post was the most popular, but you might not have known the other 12 of them and the order they went in. So, I wanted to share them all anyway:) I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday so far!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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