Touch up Thursday

I told you I’d be back today with my purse organization post. I always feel so good after organizing my purse. This is my pile of stuff that was stuffed in with my wallet and coupons, etc. I hate it when I get lazy and just stuff everything in the big middle pocket!

So, I bought this purse off of Etsy about 2 or 3 months ago. I absolutely LOVE it!!! It has 6 different pockets for whatever I want to put around the sides and then the middle area for my wallet, etc. I bought it from One of a Kind Creations and they included free shipping! So I paid $25 for an awesome purse!! My last purse cost more than that and I bought it at Target!:P Awesome!!

It has been easier to keep my purse clean with the pockets on the side, but I just need to get in the habit of putting all my receipts in the little accordion folder that I have for receipts, immediately.

The thick green accordion holder is for receipts and the other green accordion one is for coupons. I’m thinking about getting a new wallet that’s bigger instead of the trifold one I have. I like that it’s small, but I hate that everything gets bent in it. The white box is for bandaids, which I don’t think has any bandaids in it anymore, just gauze. I should probably fill that up! lol

I broke down and finally bought one of those hand sanitizer holder things. I had a bunch of money from Christmas to spend at Bath and Body works so I bought one from there and a couple of their sanitizer bottles. I love the apple one and so does Brynnan:) It has come in handy!! I used to have to dig through my purse to find my sanitizer, which defeats the purpose of having the sanitizer because you’re getting everything dirty in the process of looking for it! lol

What have you cleaned out recently? Or have you organized a new area in your home? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great week!!

2 thoughts on “Touch up Thursday

  1. That’s a really cute purse!! I like the idea of putting your receipts in the accordian holder. I really need to clean my purse out too..maybe I’ll do that today!

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