Tuesday at the Hospital

My kids and I are in Boise today and tomorrow for my oldest sons doctor appointments. We’re just waiting right now. It’s fun.

I did a silly thing yesterday. I packed our bag, but I didn’t put it in the car!!! I got here and we didn’t have any clothes!!! UGH!!

Can you guess what I was most upset about? The 4th of July shirts were in the bag at home still!! I was really excited to show them off and have them wear them!

And I was going to finish making the last one for brynnan here but everything was in the suitcase for it:p

Well, it will work out ok. I bought a white shirt at Walmart and my MIL has a good fabric stash so this morning I went through it with brynnan. He picked out the fabric he liked and I cut it up. Now I just have to sew it together later today! Wish me luck!:)


1 thought on “Tuesday at the Hospital

  1. I always forget really important things when I go on trips, too. My family has started to refer to it as “A Karlenn.” “I pulled a Karlenn and forgot to pack my underwear….” It’s fun.

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