Tuesday Deals

Hi everyone!! I am officially on vacation!! We left yesterday morning at 8:00 an arrived at my aunts house in Las Vegas at 5:30! We made great time! I thought it was going to take 11 hours! But there is a time change so it did take 11, but that still great! And the kids were SO good!! I was very surprised!:)

Anyway, I thought I would write up some deals I found at Target. My aunt had the ad so I took a peek at it.

This week they have a 24 pack of pencils for $1, which is a better deal than the pencils I got for $1 at Walmart last week. I might go pick some up for my stash:)Pearl erasers and pencil sharpeners are only $.20!!! Those are definitely going in my stash!

Construction paper and drawing pads are also $1. Their target brand of printer paper is only $3!! That’s a good deal! The cheapest I found it was at Walmart for $5.

Index cards are $.49. I don’t have to buy these for my kids so I’m not sure that’s a great deal, but it sounds good.

Some non school items I thought were good deals are Iams dog food for $16.90. Opti-free eye care twin pack for $14.99!!! Now that’s a good deal! And last but certainly not least, women’s ballet flats for only $12! I need some of those. Is that a good price? I’ve never bought them before so I have no idea. Lol

What deals have you been finding? Let us know! I hope your having a great week so far!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hopefully I’ll be able to do some blogging later this week once things calm down.

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