Tuesday Fun

I wanted to jump on and say hi today. I don’t have much to say, but I thought I’d leave you with a song:)

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I thought this video was great! I love the old lady in the front! I think it’s so awesome that older people feel they can do Zumba! That’s what’s so cool about Zumba! ANYONE can do it!!

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I thought this workout looked fun and cool. I’d probably take FOREVER to learn to do it, but it looks awesome:)

I’ve been bad about working out since it started getting so cold. Some of my friends go to Zumba a couple nights a week and I’ve been going with them every so often. I think I’m going to start going 3 times a week to keep working out. I just don’t feel it when I stay at home so I never work out. I have tons of workout video games, but I’m just not motivated enough:P

So, last night I went to Zumba and tonight I’m going again before we leave for our Thanksgiving trip tomorrow. I’ll post a craft blog tomorrow though and maybe I’ll stop in to say hi on Thanksgiving day!! Have a great holiday!:)

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