Was I Too Optimistic?

I did the Farmers Market today. Well, it’s officially called the Artisan Market because it’s mostly crafts and things and a tiny bit of food.

I got there at about 9:30 and it was cold and cloudy. Yuck! My friend, Karlenn, was kind enough to help me out. She makes amazing cards so I asked her if she wanted to sell them at my table. So she came along for the first 2 hours to help out. It was nice to have her to talk to!

It started raining at 10:00. We had jackets on so we took them off and covered all the paper stuff with them because we didn’t have a tent. We’re just trying this out for free today. And I’m glad about that!! We have had very little business:( I’m very sad! I thought for sure I’d make $100! Ugh!

Luckily it stopped raining and hasn’t since that first time! BUT it has been hot and sunny! No cloud cover at all! And since I’m too poor to buy a huge tent thing I am dying!!

Luckily the lady next to me has a tent and has been sharing her shade!! That has saved me for the past hour. The shade is moving the wrong way though so now im back to the sunny table. Only 1 hour left!! I can do this!!





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