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Whatever Wednesday ~ Kitchen Organization

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about whatever crafty stuff I’m doing so I thought I would share what I made on Monday. It’s nothing GREAT, but I’m pleased with the outcome and it works perfectly for what I wanted it to do.

So this is what I started out with. It’s okay, but not too pretty…


And this is what it looks like now:) I LOVE it! I have red walls in some parts of my kitchen so the leftover fabric from my jewelry organizer worked perfectly! I bought some cute folders at the dollar store and a plastic pocket to hold reciepts.

Wanna know what I used and how I did it:? Well, lucky for you I’m going to show you. Keep in mind though, that I was home with my 5 year old and my 18 month old so it’s not the best picture tutorial. Brynnan, the 5 yr old, was taking pictures with my cell phone. There were a LOT of blurry ones and some taken WAY toooo close! hehe, but we had fun.


I found an unopened box of cereal.


I used my xacto knife to cut out one of the sides.


It was kind of a crazy cutting job, but I got it done. (Please excuse my messy craft desk!! I’m in the process of organizing it along with what I’m working on this week.)


So, this is what I used, a ruler, scissors, fabric and a cereal box.


I measured the box and then cut the fabric to fit it.




I wrapped the fabric around the long side first and used my staple gun to keep it in place. Then I measured out the sides and cute 2 different pieces. On the first side I cut a bigger piece so I could fold the ends over and not have them looking funky hanging off the side.


kitchen9 I used glue for these side pieces. I glued a little bit of the fabric to the bottom and then went up from there.


I spread some mod podge on the side of the box with a paint brush and then held the fabric down for a little bit.


I did that all the way up to the top and then folded the rest of the remaining fabric on the inside and glued. This is the second side I did above. You can see I cut the fabric a little shorter so I didn’t have enough to fold the side under, but I actually like the way this looks better. This is the side I have facing out in the kitchen.

I wasn’t going to leave the staples in, but I decided to because they were too much of a hassel to remove. I glued the other parts down that weren’t held down by the staples and then I was done!:)


Yay! I like it! And if I hadn’t told you I used a cereal box, would you have noticed?


What do you think? I’m totally into this new idea of covering boxes and ugly things in fabric. I have our old office chair that is leather and it broke at the seams. I was just thinking today I should refashion it with some fabric… if I ever have enough money to buy any!

What are you up to on this whatever Wednesday? Please share with us!! Leave a link in your comment.

Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back tomorrow with a giveaway and I’m REALLY excited about it so don’t miss it!!

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