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Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils

Hello my crafty friends! How are you doing today? I hope well! I am excited to share this product with you today! I have had so much fun using the recycled pencils that Tombow sent me for this months project.

I decided to keep it simple and use them to color in my Tropical World coloring book for adults. I LOVE this coloring book and I’ve been using just some cheapo colored pencils so when I got my Tombow pencils I was super excited to use them in my coloring book!! I have always loved coloring, but I’ve never bought myself a book of my own. I would just always use my kids’ coloring books, which aren’t always pretty and exciting to color. When the adult coloring trend started last year I got really excited and researched which book I wanted to buy. I ended up with this one called ‘Tropical World’ by Millie Marotta. It is so beautiful!!


I decided to color this flamingo page with my new Tombow pencils and I absolutely love how it turned out! I’m still learning about shading and all the fun terms that come along with coloring so this page isn’t perfect, but I really love the colors I used together.


I used pink, purple, yellow and green for this page. I really love how the colors work together in bringing out the beautiful patterns on the flamingos.


Purple is my favorite color so I had to add a little touch of it to the face and beak of the bird. I was thinking maybe I should color the beak tip black, but i really like how it turned out when I colored it purple.


This page was very time consuming and tedious, but it is so fun and relaxing to just sit and color! I have moments in my day where I just need to not do anything and have a stress free few moments and coloring has really become a stressless activity for me. It’s very calming and enjoyful. If you haven’t tried your hand at it yet you totally should!!


Thanks for stopping by today!! I will be back next week with another project with more Tombow colored pencils. Make sure you head on over to their website to check out these great recycled colored pencils I used today!

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