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12 Free Shutterfly Cards!

How is your back to school shopping and other preparations going? I hope well! I’ve been wracking my brain for cute Back to School gifts for my boys’ teachers and I finally came up with a fun idea, not to mention, it’s almost entirely free, ALMOST! lol

You can now get 12 free shutterfly cards if you order before Sunday night! I took advantage of this deal and decided to order some cute little apple cards for the boys’ teachers as a back to school gift. I’ll give each teacher 6 of the cards and they can use them to give to parents, or whomever, as needed throughout the year! 🙂

Just scroll down the page to where I have my sponsors and affiliate links and view the card I just bought. In fact, if you want to order the same exact ones I made up, you can! 🙂 Just click the image on my sidebar and it’ll take you right to where you can order. You can even customize the card however you’d like.

I should warn you that you do have to pay for shipping, which kinda sucks, but at least it’s not as much without having to pay for the cards! 🙂 Mine was a little over $5. Not too bad.

I hope you’ll have fun with this! It’s an easy and cheap gift for those great teachers who spend most of the day with our kids. I have a cute idea I’ll share with you once I get them in the mail. I can’t wait to show you!


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