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Getting the Organizing Bug

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the kids going back to school. I even dream about it sometimes!! I have a tendency to wake up late in the mornings and have to rush getting the kids ready. It’s an annoying habit that I try to fix every year and I always start out great, but end up about a month, or less, after school starts back at the old habit. Ever since school got out I’ve been dreaming about the new school year and how we rush every morning and the kids miss their bus. It’s always a different reason in the dream, but they ALWAYS miss the bus!! It’s weird!! The dreams start out very few in the beginning of the summer and now I have them every few days to once a week. I hate it! It stresses me out that I’m already freaking out about the morning rush.

Since I’ve been thinking about this for almost the whole summer and there’s only 3 weeks left before school starts, naturally I’m trying to get ideas on how to better our morning routine. I took to my favorite organizing blog, IHeartOrganizing. She has some great ideas and habits for the school year!! I also found a bunch of fun ideas on pinterest on back to school ideas. I want it to be fun for the boys this year and have them enjoy the first day back so I’m going to make it a big deal.


Jen has a bunch of Back to School posts from last year that I enjoyed reading through. I’m totally going to do my own version of the clothing and lunch routines. We have a bedtime schedule that we stick to very well!! I think I might tweak it a bit to make it a little better for us. The morning routine is something I need to work on and fine tune this year!! Is it weird that I’m excited about that? lol

When we get home next weekend I’m going to start having the kids do school work and reading every day to get them ready for going back to school. I also want to start waking them up at the normal school time a few days before school starts to get us all ready for it.

I came across a good binder idea for the kids and their daily chores and other things they need to get done. I pinned it, of course!!:) I got the idea from Lil Blue Boo, one of my favorite blogs to visit. I’m going to change it up to work for my older boys and maybe even do something simpler for Tinian. He’s at a good age to help me out around the house a little and I want him to start young so he gets the importance of it!:)

Once I get home I’m going to get to work on all these ideas going around in my head. I also want to do something nice for the teachers. I’m thinking about making some of these note cards for them and including envelopes. Easy and cheap since I already have the supplies on hand!:)


What are you doing to get your kids and yourself ready for a new school year? What routines do you have in place for the school year? I would love to hear what you do!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you’re having a great day!

2 thoughts on “Getting the Organizing Bug

  1. I am looking forward to but dreading school at the same time this year. I am excited for my kids because they are all excited to go back, but it has dawned on me that these next few years are going to fly by…Trent goes to high school this year, and that in itself means we will be incredibly busy. The older my kids get, the less excited I get about sending them off to another year of school, soon it will all be over 🙁 but we are organizing and cleaning this week in preparation, and Trent has football practice every morning at 6 am, so we’re getting up early already too! Good luck megan 😉

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