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Let’s get Organized! ~ Week 36

I totally lost track of what week we are on!! I’m finally back from our long summer vacation and I gotta start getting back to business. Are you ready?!!:) I am, somewhat. The other part of me wants to just lay back and watch the whole 2nd season of Happy Endings and enjoy life, but, Alas, my house is in DIRE need of being cleaned. Apparently, my husband doesn’t know how to clean a toilet. I’m not joking, the bowl is ORANGE!!! Gross, right??!! Yeah…. don’t you love it that even though he’s the one that’s been home making it “dirty” (I say it in quotes because it’s not dirty, it’s just not CLEAN because it hasn’t been disinfected. lol) I’m the one that is expected to clean it up?!! So many times he called because I could tell he was bored. I should’ve told him to go clean the toilet or vacuum the floors! *SIGH* Just because I’m the house wife doesn’t mean I clean up your mess after 4 weeks!!! He’s a big boy, right? At least I thought he was. (Oops, sorry about that little rant. Sometimes I just get annoyed at the stereo type of being a house wife. Wait, a lot of times. LOL)

So this week is all about cleaning and organizing and getting ready to send the kids back to school!! I’m excited. I need a good week like this to get me excited about organizing and cleaning again. Before I left on our vacay I was in a HUGE cleaning and organizing slump. Well, now I’m back and ready to ROCK!! Let’s get started!!:)

Monday ~ Clean out the van, it is a HUGE disaster!!

Scary right? You can’t really tell, but there is sand all over the floor!! It has been driving me crazy so I’m very excited to vacuum it up!:)

Put away everything from the trip, clothes, shoes, diapers, etc. My living room is a mess because I haven’t finished unpacking:P I hate it!! And last, but not least, and possibly the most important task…. CLEAN the Toilets!!!

Tuesday ~ Weed garden (I’m so sad at the condition of my garden!! It looks so overgrown and sad!), finish up any unpacking that didn’t get done yesterday. Sew trash bag for the car!!

Wednesday ~ Organize mail pile on my desk and organize boys closet.

Thursday ~ Organize school supplies for back to school night, get everything ready for next week for school (backpacks, lunch schedules, etc.), Go over cleaning and daily schedules. Reprint out everything I redo.

Friday ~ Organize desks and medicine cabinet.

Besides all of these cleaning and organizing tasks I have planned for this week, I will also be keeping up with my regular cleaning tasks each day. I have also decided to make a detailed weekly cleaning list schedule of the bigger things I want done once a week, like cleaning out the fridge of left overs or washing the walls and kitchen appliances, etc. I’ve been using other peoples cleaning lists and I just think it’s time to make up my own. I want to have something that works completely for me. I have about 3 different lists from 3 different sites. It’s driving me crazy because I have to consult 3 different pages as I go throughout my week. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been doing most of it! lol

I’m also coming up with a daily schedule that I want to stick to. At least in the mornings. They’re always crazy, especially with school starting next week!! So, this week is our practice time for a new morning routine, and hopefully I’ll have it knocked out and almost perfect by Monday:)

How have you been doing on your organizing the past 2 weeks or so? I hope well!! If you have a post you want to share with us, link it up!! I’d love to see it!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you’re having a Wonderful Monday!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s get Organized! ~ Week 36

  1. I can sympathize about coming home to a messy home, however over the years I have come to the conclusion that cleaning up after and taking care of those things really is my job as the homemaker, (even if I didn’t create the mess). It is a privilege to have the opportunity to stay home…and in my life that just wouldn’t be possible without my guy going out and working hard for our family. Maybe a little change of perspective will help…I firmly believe that women who stay home, do indeed have full time jobs, that are every bit as important as the work that their spouses do (if not more) so chin up buttercup…slap on that apron and grab a toilet brush 😉 happy organizing!!

    1. It is not your job to clean up after being gone for 4 weeks! You should have came home to a clean house. I would not have touched those orange toilets! You are way to nice to clean up.

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