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Blog Mentoring Program Reflection


I told you back in January that I signed up for a blog mentoring program. We started mid January and it has been so GREAT! Amy, from One Artsy Mama, is an awesome teacher and mentor. I’m having a lot of fun getting to know and learning from the other women in the class, too. Here’s a list of the ladies participating. They’re all wonderful and amazing bloggers! Go check them out! 🙂

Christina Leaman – The Scrappy Housewife

Eva Scott – Tales of the Scotts

Tawna Thompson – Hooked with Love

Lesa Nixon – Mom’s Bulletin Board

Andrea Hiltbrunner – DreAm**heArt**sMart**ArT

Dianna Leonard – Craft a Spell

Emily Moye – A Tossed Salad Life

DeDe Bailey – Designed Decor

Sarah Tackett – Sarah SaturDIY

Nancy Bandzuch – Small Things

Jenny Spencer – Ignite Learning LLC

Sarah Felder – Bentoriffic

Susan Santoro – Organized 31

Lynn Nash – How the Sun Rose

Jess Behlmann – Poverty Barn

Kallee Anne Twiner – Creative Southern Home

Tamara – Etcetorize

Deb Heffner and Capi Cohen – Chosen sisters

So, we just finished up our 7th week in the program. There are 12 weeks total and I am looking forward to the coming weeks and the lessons I will learn. We’ve already covered photography, finding my blogging voice, and cleaning up our blogs, just to name a few of the lessons. I think the most helpful lesson so far has been cleaning up my blog and setting goals. I’ve been meaning to write out my goals for the blog, but just have never sat down to do it. This program has MADE me do things that I probably never would’ve done, if it weren’t for Amy and her guidance! 🙂

I’ve made short term goals and long term goals over 6 months, by 2014 and by 2020. It’s wierd to think about that far in the future, but I’ve accomplished all 3 of my short term goals and it makes the future ones seem more real and doable. I can’t wait to cross them all off my list! 🙂

One of the short term goals I’ve accomplished is gaining sponsors. I am in the process of doing a sponsored post for Expressions Vinyl, my favorite company to buy vinyl from. They’re actually located on the other side of town! It’s nice to have a big crafty business in my own town. The Ribbon Retreat is next on my list to contact. They are located one town over, only about 15 minutes away. I would LOVE to work with them! they have the cutest fabric!

The next goal I’m working on crossing off is hosting a giveaway. I’m working on it right now and hope to bring it to you this month sometime. I am co-hosting a giveaway for One Artsy Mama to celebrate her blogiversary so stay tuned for more info about that coming this week!

I’m really glad I signed up for the program. Amy has a facebook group set up for us and being able to talk with the other ladies and get everyone’s advice as well as Amy’s has been really helpful! I really like how we build each other up and help out. If Amy does this program again in the future I would really recommend you take it!

Thanks for your support and guidance Amy! And the rest of you wonderful ladies that are learning along with me!

Tales of the Scotts

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