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A Sticky Tutorial

While I was in California I used my cousin’s Cricut machine. She had 3 mat’s that were all losing their sticky. I decided after the paper didn’t stick to the mat a couple of times and I had to tape it instead, that I wanted to try out the re-sticky trick I’d read about on pinterest. I went to Walmart to buy a glue stick. They didn’t have the exact one that I wanted so I bought a different one to try that out. It didn’t work, at all!:P So, if you do this tutorial or any other you find, buy the right kind of glue!!:)

A few days later I went to Micheal’s and bought the right one:

All you need is the unsticky mat and a Zig brand 2 way glue stick. It has 2 different ways to glue, there’s the permanent bond and then there’s the not so permanent bond:) You can keep unsticking it over and over again, it’s repositional.

All you have to do is rub the glue along the mat and let it dry.

It goes on blue and then dries clear. Once it dries it will be sticky again. I waited about an hour because after I did it I put the kids to bed, but the post I read said it only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Here it is after it dried.

And it sticks so much better now!! I used it after it dried and it was like new. Now, it’s not a permanant fix, but it’s better than spending $10 or more on a new mat!! It only cost about $2 for this fix and that was for 3 mats!! The glue costs $6.49, I had a 20% off coupon and there’s still more than half of it left!:) So I can go home and use it on my mat when it loses it’s stickiness.

I’m excited that it turned out so well! Not like I thought those people were lying or anything, but it’s another thing to test it out yourself, you know what I mean?:)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps you out in the future!:) I know it’s helped me and my cousin.

4 thoughts on “A Sticky Tutorial

  1. Thanks for fixing my mats! Too bad you left the glue here!! I was thinking I could send it with Matt but he probably cant carry on glue cause thats considered a liquid!

  2. Does it make the mat super sticky? I don’t want my paper sticking so much that it doesn’t come off, or that it rips in the process of taking it off!

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