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More School Shopping

Ok, I am DONE with my school shopping!! WOOOHOOO!! I’m really happy that I finished it all before I left on my trips!! Here are pictures and prices for everything I bought to finish up my kids’ lists:

I went to Walmart on Friday to pick up some last minute birthday party things. I wasn’t planning on doing the rest of my school shopping that trip, but we walked right by the section in the front and I just couldn’t stop myself. I quickly grabbed all of these great deals!!

What I bought: (3) 20 pack pencils

(2) packs of stickers

(2) packs dry erase markers

(1) pack pearl erasers

(10) glue sticks

(1) pencil box

My total OOP: $11.62

On Saturday Mark and I went on a date and ended up going to Fred Myers before heading home. I took advantage of some of their school sales too:

The water colors were only $1.99 and the paper was only $.75!! I was psyched about that because I have found paper cheaper than $1.50!! I probably should’ve bought more, but I decided to only buy what we needed, which was only one ream of filler paper. PLUS, they had a 20% off coupon for the water colors! I only paid $3.93 for what you see here.

My total OOP to date: $48.36 (That’s not including the backpacks and lunch boxes)

My total to date (after the easy rebates from staples): $21.40!!!!!

Woohooo!!! I totally stayed within my $30 budget!! I’m so excited. I really wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did and I’m proud of myself. One of the things that helped was I found some supplies that I bought last year that were never used. I do need to buy a ruler for Jonas, 4 boxes of Kleenex, and possibly some markers. Both boys have markers from last year so I will probably just make them reuse those because they’re still in great condition. I found a ruler for $.27 at Target so I’ll probably get that. I’ll wait to buy the kleenex until I get a good coupon and a sale.

What have you found this week? Here are some of the great deals at Walmart:

This is the cheapest price for glue sticks around!!

Also, these dry erase markers were only $2.50 for a 4 pack!! Awesome price!

Pencils and erasers! The top box that’s missing the picture is for the 20 packs of pencils that I got. I was glad to find them so cheap at Walmart. I really didn’t want to go to Walgreen’s or Office Max if I didn’t have to!

If you need more ideas for school deals check out Fabulously Frugal. I LOVE their blog and check it daily. They’re doing a weekly series for back to school shopping. It’s very helpful!

Thanks for stopping by!! Share a comment with us about the deals you’ve been finding! I’d love to hear how much you’re saving!:)

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  1. You’re so awesome, Megs. Look at you. Comparing prices…getting it all done ahead of time….. I just see what I need and go, okay. I have no idea how much I’ve spent so far. Bad, bad Kar. 🙂

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