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Christmas Traditions

Good morning everyone!! How are you this Saturday? I hope well!! I wanted to jump on and talk about and share Christmas tradition ideas. We started a new one this year and the boys have been having SO much fun with it, Elf on the Shelf.

As I told you on Thursday we have a Christmas Eve tradition of opening Christmas pj’s and wearing  them to bed. That’s not the only Christmas Eve tradition we have, though.

When I was a kid my parents got divorced, I was ten. We didn’t get to see my Dad every Christmas because he lived in another state than we did, but when he did come out to visit us for Christmas we would always go see a movie. When he’s not living in the same town there’s really not much to do with 5 kids in a hotel room! It was always fun to go with Dad and get popcorn, candy, drinks, and whatnot and just spend the day enjoying each other.

Mark and I were talking about doing more traditions with the kids about 3 years ago, maybe it was 2, I’m horrible at remembering. I told him how my Dad would take us to see a movie on Christmas. He thought that was a fun idea so we decided to start doing that every year. We don’t often take our kids to see movies since it costs SO much to get in and then buying popcorn and drinks and candy is SO expensive, it’s just too much! PLUS, having a 3 year old doesn’t really work well with going to the movies! Last year we got a babysitter and are still eternally indebted to them.

This year, I think we’re going to try taking him. Tinian has been better about sitting and watching movies and staying interested so I’m really hoping we won’t regret bringing him along! We’re planning on seeing the movie ‘Frozen’. We’ve heard some really great things about it and I’m getting more excited to see it each day! 🙂

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