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Watcha Craftin’ ~ Girlfriend Clutch

I know I promised I would have this post up yesterday, but it just didn’t happen! 😛 Sorry!

I decided 2 Christmases ago that I wanted to start making presents for family, but since we aren’t rich and can’t buy presents for everyone each year I would pick a different family member on each side of our family. My brother and sisters and I already do a “Secret” Santa gift exchange. I say it with quotes because it’s not really secret. We all know who has who. Speaking of which, Kay, can you send out the list for this year? I really want to get a head start so I can make something!! 🙂

Anyway, this year I also wanted to include my Aunt and Uncles family as well as Mark’s sisters family. I have yet to finish Mark’s sisters’ husbands present!! UGH!! But I’m getting there.

I was able to finish all of my cousins presents and I want to share one of them with you today. Back at the beginning of December Sew Can She featured the Girlfriend Clutch on their website. I immediately fell in love with it and it seemed really easy and simple. I decided to make it for my cousin Hannah who is 14.



I bought the main flowery fabric at Hobby Lobby when I was in Las Vegas last year in August. Isn’t it just adorable??!! I’ve been wondering what to use it for and I’m so excited that I found something finally!!:)



The yellow fabric was a scrap I got from my mom’s stash when I was visiting her in March last year and the blue/green striped fabric was from a jelly roll that I also got from Mom.


Here I am sewing it all together.


I turned it right side out and sewed it together.




And here’s the finished project!! I LOVE it!! I had so much fun making this! I was nervous about sewing on the zipper because a lot of people say that zippers are hard, but it was actually really easy!! I have a special sewing foot for sewing on the zipper so I just had to attach that and it worked out great!

What do you think? I know I’m going to make more of these. I already have the fabric cut out and ready to go. I just haven’t had time to get it sewn up. Maybe after my birthday:)

Well, thanks for stopping by, even if I’m a day late! Hope you’re enjoying your Thursday!

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