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Let’s Get Organized! ~Week 2

Wow, what a weekend. That’s all I have to say! It was busy and full and wonderful all at the same time:) Well, I guess wonderful isn’t the best word… having to fight your 7 year old to sit on the potty 4 times a day is definitely not what I look forward to or doing 3 loads of laundry. LOL But I got a lot done. I didn’t get a lot of what I should’ve done, done, but I got a lot of fun stuff done. I’m really excited about it all!!

First off, I’ll start with my Etsy shop, Crafty Meggy: BowsnMore!! I started my shop at the beginning of December. I haven’t really had a whole lot of time to spend making things for it or advertising for it so I haven’t had any sales yet:P I’m trying to get it all figured out. I am just learning this new process of crafting! I LOVE making BOWS! I have boys, 3 to be exact, so I don’t get to do all the little girly girl things you other moms who do have girls get to do. So, my friend Karlenn told me we should start an Etsy shop together I totally jumped at the opportunity! I had just started getting into making bows after going to a Super Saturday activity for my church. It was so eye opening to how easy it all was! I seriously thought it was this hard craft that I would never understand.

SO Here I am today with my own Etsy shop. My friend ended up not being able to do it with me, which I was sad about, but I wanted to do it for myself. It’s my creative outlet, that really makes me happy. I haven’t had a creative outlet in a while and I think that’s why I was getting so stressed. You really need something to take your mind of the rest of your life, just for a little while. I’d like to have an hour a day, but that doesn’t always happen for me. So I take what I can get.

Here are some Valentine’s Day bows and more I’ve been making over the weekend:

I love this bow!! It’s my favorite:)

This bow drove me crazy!! I love the outcome, but holy cow!! It took so long to finish! I’m not that good and making the bows yet, but hopefully the more I make them the better I’ll get.

I LOVE this card! I got the idea off of pinterest and I used my new Silhouette Cameo to make the whole thing!! Well, everything you see here was cut out with the Cameo. I glued it all together and wrote on it and put the ink marks on the edges.

I’ll be posting more bows and headbands to my shop this week. I’m hoping to start making some sales with these new bows and cards. I have some new ideas I’m really excited about. If you see my cards on pinterest will you please repin them? I’ve been pinning some of them from Etsy to hopefully get some more attention and some sales. If you like what you see in my shop pin if for me too! I would really appreciate it!!

Second, I had NO time to work on revising my schedule this weekend. I thought about how I wanted to do it, but I didn’t get a chance to rewrite it. To me, the weekend is all about fun. I push aside everything else to enjoy myself before having to go back to “work”. It’s bad and good at the same time. I’m working on it though:)

Third, hmmm I’m trying to think about what else I did, but I think that’s all.

Now that we’re back to the work week I have to get my butt in gear and start organizing my schedule for real. This is the last week I want to spend on this specific part of organizing my life so I have broken it down into days and what I will do on those days:

Monday: Start laundry and fold everything, research To-Do List apps (continue throughout the week)

Tuesday: Rewrite weekly cleaning list and finish planning weekly organizing list

Wednesday: Type up my hourly schedule and work on our budget

Thursday: Figure out what look I want for my organization stuff

Friday: Workout kinks in schedule, if any – make up a crafty Laundry day list for the door

What are your organization plans for the week? Share them with us here or link us up to your blog! I hope you have a great day!!

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