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Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 20

*SIGH* I started this post yesterday… so here I am 24 hours later finishing it up. It all still applies. 🙂

Has anyone else stopped planning their weekly organizing? UGH! I’m getting annoyed with myself that I’ve come so far in the year, but I’ve kind of given up on organizing. I need something to get my organizing mojo back….. Any ideas?

This week I am going to clean out the boys’ closet. I was looking for Tinian’s shoes earlier this morning and they were buried under other shoes and a lunch box, of all things!! SO today I will begin by taking everything out of the closet cubby holes and finding place for them if they don’t belong in the cubby’s.

Day 2 -Well, ok, so I didn’t get started on the closet yesterday so TODAY I’ll empty them out and organize one of the cubby’s.

Day 3 – organize 2 more cubbies.

Day 4 – organzise the last cubby and the top of the closet.

Day 5 – Put away winter clothes!!!

Is it sad that it’s the middle of May and my kids are still wearing long sleeved shirts? I find it sad and annoying!! BUT the last 2 days have been WARM and not much cold so I am going to pack up all of our long sleeved shirts later this week and not pull them out again until November (I’m crossing my fingers because it will probably be more like October:P).

My kids only have 9 days of school left, how about yours? I don’t know if I’m ready to have them home full time yet!!! Is that horrible of me to say? I LOVE summer time! The weather is awesome, vacations are fun and going to the zoo every weekend is a highlight, at least for the boys:) BUT I seriously have to be READY for it or it just overwhelms me!! What did I used to do when I had them all home all the time??!! Of course, back then they were little and life was so much more simpler. I miss those simpler times!! They weren’t filled with so much begging to play video games and all they did was play with toys and watch TV. *SIGH*

Anyway, are you ready for you kids to be out of school? Do you have fun things you do each day or do you just hang out? What’s on your summer schedule? We’re taking a vacation to visit my dad and sisters in Reno right after they get out of school. I haven’t decided when we’re leaving yet, but it’s going to happen and we can’t wait!! I’ve never met my youngest sisters kids or husband so that will be so fun, except her husband won’t be there!:P And I haven’t seen either of my sisters for at least 6 years!! Way too LONG to go without a visit!! So that’s about as far ahead of time I’m looking right now, except for T-ball. I signed up the older two to play t-ball with friend from church. I’m excited. I haven’t really told them yet because I know it would be a constant parade of questions about when they’re going to start and who’s on their team. It’ll all come soon enough:)

That’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by!! Let me know what you’re organizing, I’d love to hear about it!



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  1. You’re so smart not to mention t-ball to the boys until right when it starts. Smart, smart mommy. It really has been so warm and lovely lately. It’s supposed to hit 90 degrees today!!! Let’s hang out a couple of more times before you head to Reno, mmmmmkay?

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