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LGO ~ The Bathroom


I don’t know about you, but the bathroom is one of the most dreaded chores for me. I’d rather fold a load of laundry!! LOL I just hate the idea of all the yuckiness that goes on in there and having to clean up after it, but SOMEONE has to do it and it definitely won’t end up doing itself! 🙂

As you know I’ve been following along with Jenn from Clean & Scentsible on her Organizing Diet. This month has been kind of slow going. I think it’s because I have wanted to do so many projects for Valentine’s day and I just get caught up in it all, whether they get done or not. Last week I did a lot of last minute crafts and preparations. I hope next year I’ll be more prepared for that holiday! It’s one of my favorites and it pains me that I can’t just sit back and enjoy it.

Anyway, onto the cleaning and organizing… I had simple plans last week because I knew with Vday I’d be busy. Well, I can honestly say, I’m lucky that I got the daily chores done. And most of the week they didn’t get done on the day they were supposed to! The boys all had so many appointments that week and Jonas got sick! So it was a busy week. I finally got most of the cleaning done on Friday. It felt good to be clean again! 🙂

This week I will do BETTER!! I CAN do this!! And so can you! (I’m such a great pep talker, right? I should do it for a living… haha)

Jenn suggests cleaning the bathroom from the top down. That is such a great idea! Why haven’t I thought of that? Probably because I never really DEEP clean the bathroom! She wrote up a good post on how to deep clean your bathroom last week. I’m not the kind of organizer that will do the whole deep cleaning in one fell swoop. It would probably make life easier just to get it all done, but I’m just not that way. I like to make life hard. It’s weird, I know, but I like being weird.

So, this week I will be doing the small tasks for the upstairs bathroom, as well as the daily chores:

Monday ~ Dust off and clean light fixtures and any dusty surfaces.

Tuesday ~ Clean the window area & the shower using dawn dish soap and vinegar.

Wednesday ~ Clean the baseboards and the floor, thoroughly.

Thursday ~ Organize the top shelf in the linen closet.

Friday ~ Straighten up linen closet drawers & shelves.

There you have it! I’m hoping to fit in a little bit of sewing and card making time in this week! My goal is to make 20 cards so that I have a good stash to grab and send out at a moments notice:)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great week!

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