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LGO ~ The Kitchen Review & the Living Room


Hello there! It’s a new week, are you ready for it? I haven’t decided if I am yet! 🙂

Last week went pretty well. I got both fridges cleaned out and that’s about all, but those are two pretty big cleaning jobs!! This week I’m going to move onto the living room and maybe clean up a few of the little jobs I didn’t get finished in the kitchen. Mainly, wash the walls and cabinets, blinds and window in the kitchen.

Here are a few before and after pictures of the fridge in the garage. It was pretty gross!!



I told ya! Pretty gross!!


Now it looks all pretty and CLEAN!! Yay! 🙂 And it really didn’t take that long since we don’t keep much in this fridge.

This week we’re starting on Day 10 of the challenges in the book 31 days to clean.

Monday – (Kitchen) Clean up paper clutter on counter and table!! Wash the walls, cabinets, blinds and windows. (Living room) Clean the windows and dust the blinds. Clean and organize shelves.

Tuesday – Vacuum and remove stains on carpet.

Wednesday – Clean out coat closet!!

Thursday – Finish cleaning coat closet (if I didn’t finish. It’s pretty messy in there!!) Dust furniture and pictures.

Friday – Wash walls and dust ceiling and plants.

I’m glad this week is going to be pretty easy, for the most part! The coat closet will be the most challenging, which is the reason I’ve given it 2 days. So my 31 days of cleaning is really going to be more like 45 days of cleaning, if not more:) I’m ok with that. Next week we tackle the bedrooms and the author only takes up 5 days there. I think our bedrooms will take a few more days than that! I’m looking forward to tackling the closets!! Both the boys and my closet need a lot of help!!

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!


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