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Organize Day Three!

I’m getting bored of this title already. Anyone have a better idea for an organization post series? I’m horrible at naming things, if you couldn’t tell already!! 🙂

I’ve got two words for you today, SO SORE!!!! I can’t move, or even breath without hurting. My muscles are screaming at me! I think I worked a little too hard yesterday. I kept saying it during my whole workout, but I didn’t want to give up. I have EA Sports Active 2 video game set that comes with the monitors you put on your arms and then one on your leg:

We’ve had it for a year, maybe longer and I’ve used it a bunch of times. They have a lot off great ways to exercise and it really is a great workout!! I love using it, usually. Last week I decided to do a different program that they have. They have a 12 week workout program and a 9 week one, I think. The 9 week one is supposed to help you get into shape. I thought I’d try that one this time because I’ve done the 12 week one before and I never could actually finish it.

Well, the 9 week program is kicking my BUTT!!! The workout yesterday was mostly squats and lunges! Is it good that I pushed myself and the I’m so sore now? I am so tired too that I just feel like crawling back into bed! The workout I’m doing calls for 4 workouts a week and I’ve done 2. Today is my rest day, but I was thinking that I should probably do some kind of exercise since I’m so sore and it’ll only get worse if I don’t move my muscles.

I have also decided that I can’t wake up at 5:00 in the morning anymore. Yes, I get things done faster and earlier but I’m so tired by the afternoon and I just don’t have the time. I though maybe I could squeeze in a Ten minute one yesterday, but no way!!

So, today my plan is kind of… none existent. LOL Well, ok, that’s not true, I have a to do list and a plan for the day. I just need to find my motivation! SO here’s to motivation!! What is yours? Also, if you want to share your work out plan with us that would be great!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day organizing your life and your home:)

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