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Rethinking my Weekly Organization

I’ve decided that I need to rethink my schedule this week. This was my plan:

Day 1 – Clean out under stairs and break down boxes. Put everything back under stairs neatly.

Day 2 – Take everything off shelves and wipe them down. Start organizing into groups.

Day 3 – Organize food groups (Baking goods, cereal, soups, crackers, juice, condiments, etc.)

Day 4 – Finish organizing food. Organize toiletries into one area.

Day 5 – If food is still needing some work continue organizing that. Make a place for toilet paper and paper towels. (we always keep our extra tp & pt in the laundry room so I want a shelf dedicated for them so the kids can go and grab them without needing help.

Monday, I didn’t do anything because the kids were home and it was nice to get 5 minutes to myself to check my email.

Today, I cleaned up the mess of boxes and now it kind of looks neat. Except for the fact that I started on the food storage shelves at about 3:00. I’ve had to take intermittent breaks, again, because of the kids. (Also, on a really long side note, Jonas gets dropped off of the bus in front of our house, one of the perks of having a handicapped child, I know, I’m horrible, but it is one of the pluses, possibly the only one, really. Jonas usually gets dropped off at 3:30 so I was upstairs waiting for him at that time. I waited, and waited and 20 minutes later I’m still waiting. Then I’m freaking out, wondering WHERE on earth could he BE??!!! IS he ok? Why hasn’t anyone called to tell me he’s late? Is he ok? Did the bus crash? I guess the roads aren’t good so maybe they’re going slower to be safe. FINALLY, I couldn’t wait any longer and called the transportation people. No answer. Called the school. No answer (Of course!! It’s almost 4:00!!!). I called the bus again and someone answered. Woohoo. I asked her to check on my son Jonas and as she called the bus driver the bus pulled up. OF COURSE!!! The bus aid told me his school aid forgot to take him out to the bus on time so they had to go get other kids at other schools so Jonas didn’t get picked up on time! And NO one thought to call and TELL me this!!! These women have been Moms!!! They know what it’s like to worry about their kids! Why wouldn’t they have had the office contact me? Why wouldn’t his aid have contacted me? The aid probably didn’t know he would be SO insanely late because if she had known she would’ve called. That’s how she is. She calls me on every little thing having to do with Jonas.) So I wasted a good half hour sitting around worrying about Jonas. Sorry that side note was SO long!!

So, I got back to clearing the shelves and I got one done. I did a little bit more before Mark got home. There’s food and boxes all over the floor. I’m freecycling the boxes I don’t want to keep and the other ones I do want to keep are stowed underneath the stairs. I was able to fit all the ones I wanted to keep under the stairs with ample room left. Yay!

Before dinner I’m going to wash off the shelf I cleared and possibly clear off another one. I’ll start organizing the food into some groups onto the shelves and tidy up for the night. Since I’m going to be behind schedule I am remaking it for the week. I actually wanted to take the whole week and organize just the food, but when I was writing it up I added everything in the whole week. That’s not doable so here’s my new schedule:

Day #2 – clear and clean one shelf. Start organizing food into groups on that shelf. Break down boxes. List on

Day #3 – Clear and clean one shelf, continue organizing food into groups on both shelves.

Day #4 – Clear and clean one shelf, continue organizing shelves. Put bottled water into outside fridge. Giveaway food we won’t be using up soon.

Day #5 – Clear and clean spice shelf in laundry room. Clean of plastic white shelf and organize with other food shelves. Clean metal shelf and organize as well.

Notes –  If I have time to do more on one given day I will. Day #5 is pretty packed, but these shelves aren’t very full so hopefully they’ll be quick and easy. If I have time I’ll stock nonfood products on the plastic and metal shelves, but that might be an over the weekend project I’ll have to take up, even though on the weekends I like to be lazy:P

Here’s where I am so far:

Not too good, but not too bad either. I need to figure out what to do with all this wheat!! Does anyone in the area need wheat? We don’t eat it and I don’t have time to can it so I feel like it’s just going to go to waste. I’m not sure how long it will last in these bags. The white bag on the bottom shelf is wheat too.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your organizing is going well!

2 thoughts on “Rethinking my Weekly Organization

  1. Way to go! I feel like posting pictures always helps motivate me to organize and it looks like you’re doing a great job!! I’ve been working on re-organizing my classroom!

    I’m a new follower from the make my morning blog hop!

    Can’t wait to hear more from you!

    Brie @

  2. I wish I lived closer because I would love to take all that wheat!! Looks like you’re doing good on the organizing! Now I need to get back into it!

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