Coupon Catch Up Session

Sorry I’ve been slacking so much in my posting here. Life has been crazy!!!

I’ve been doing very small couponing trips lately. My husband doesn’t want me to spend a ton of money just to save in the long run so I’m trying to be better about that. We just can’t afford it every paycheck:P So, I know buy only what we need and use coupons for them.

First off, I wanted to point you to a great giveaway contest that the Fab FruGALS are having on their website:

I just entered. I never win, but we’ll see this time around. lol

Second, here are a couple shopping trips I’ve made in the last few weeks (I can’t believe that August is almost over!! I feel like it just started!):

On Aug. 4th I went to walmart and spent $7.76 on all this stuff here. The total before coupons was about $12 I think.

Then, off we went to target where I could stack my coupons for a greater deal! I bought more so I spent more, but save a TON!! I spent about $25 I think. I can’t remember, but I save more than $25. I had a B1G1 coupon for the scrubbing bubbles and also a $1 off 2 target coupon so I only paid $7 for 4 products! I thought that was awesome:) I need to go back and get more, but I’m hoping for a sale before the coupons expire.

At Albies a few days later I bought a bunch of fruit and cereal for only about $14! The fruit was $12 but I had a WIC check for $6 so I paid $6 for the fruit and the cereal was on sale and I had coupons so I paid about $8 for that. I only bought the cereal because we were all out of it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have. We were also out of the fruit snacks so I bought one of those.

I’ve been getting a lot of my free samples in the mail lately:) It’s fun to check the mail and get a free sample in it!

And last week I got 2 rebate checks!! Woohoo! I got another this week too for buying the Staples paper:)

I’ve also bought some toddler food for Tinian at $2 each and used a $1 off 2 coupon. Yogurt is a big neccesity in our house now. Tini loves it so I bought some of that this week and also milk and ice cream. I keep trying to get the $.75 off milk coupon, but it goes so fast that when I find out about it it’s already gone:P I don’t get milk from WIC anymore for the older boys, just for Tini so it’s getting expensive to buy as much milk as we use:P

I bought some chips, cheese and sandwich meat this week too for pretty cheap (Unfortunately I only had a coupon for the cheese:P). School starts next week so I need to stock up on stuff for school lunches. I hope Albies has more chip sales coming up!

Well, the baby is awake so I better take a break and go get him. Hope your couponing is going well!:)

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