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Whatever Wednesday ~ Pinterest Pick ~ Contraction Cards

You all know that I LOVE pinterest!! I’ve gotten soooo many great ideas from there that it’s amazing! The only problem is that I spend so much time pinning that I don’t do everything that I pin. I have had enough of that! I decided to pick something last week and just do it. What did I pick? Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer here it is: (click the image to go to my pin)

I got some paint swatches from The Home Depot when Brynnan and I were there pricing things out about a month or more ago. I got them for this purpose, but never sat down to do it. Since I already had them I decided that would be the easiest and least time consuming project. I hate not being able to finish projects so this was perfect for me!:)

First I decided I wanted to use the Silhouette to score the 3 white lines where I would be folding them so I had to make up the dotted lines in the program which was really easy. Then I placed the cards on the mat and the Silhouette did all the work:)

Then I wrote the words on them and cut them in half since they were huge.

I folded them so they would fit together. That’s where the dotted lines from the Silhouette came in handy. I didn’t have to score them myself! Yay!:)

And there is is all finished. Jonas is working on contractions in school so these will be great for him to practice with! I need to get some more because I didn’t even do half of them! There’s a lot! (haha!)

What have you done recently that you’ve seen on pinterest? Share with us!

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2 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday ~ Pinterest Pick ~ Contraction Cards

  1. Megs, I’m amazed by you. Where are you getting all of this time??? Can you give me some of it? Hahaha! I really need to be better about pinterest. I posted something on my blog, and Patty was all, “Did you put this on pinterest?” And I’m like, “You can put your own stuff on pinterest? I don’t get it.” I don’t get a lot of things. But hey, I just set up my new computer tonight and I’m so amazed that I did it right! Gooooo ME!

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