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House Rules with my Silhouette!

Holy Cow, this week has been soooo CRAZY!! I can’t believe it’s already Saturday night and this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and get a post done! *SIGH* Thus is life though, right?

Anyway, I have an old Silhouette project ready for you today. I had been very curious about the Silhouette sketch pens since I first heard of them around the beginning of this year, I think. I’m on a few Silhouette facebook groups and a lot of people have said you can use any kind of pen with a pencil grip and they work just as good, but I kind of wanted to try out the real thing first. I finally broke down and bought them on amazon for a great price a couple months ago. I practiced a few times before using them before my first initial project and they worked great! So, I came up with a fun new project to make with them.

My husband and I had been talking about making up some definite rules for the kids to follow and sitting down to talk about them. I mean, they new the “rules” already, no hitting, no yelling/screaming, no talking back, no whining…. and on and on, but we wanted them to be able to SEE the rules to help them remember them!! They were having a big problem with the 4 that I just mentioned so we decided to highlight just those 4.


I sat down at my computer and created a cute little framed printable with a frame I got from the Silhouette store and a font I got there as well (it’s called sketch tuesday font). Once I was happy with how it looked on my computer I loaded the paper into my silhouette, picked out the pens I wanted to use and got to work!


First I put in the navy blue sketch pen and had my Silhouette sketch out the frame.




After that I picked out a pretty pinkish color and had the pen sketch out the rules in the middle of the frame.


It was EASY!! The only downside is that it takes a little bit longer to sketch than to cut out designs. I’m fine with it because the end result looked so great! I LOVE how it turned out!


Here’s the finished project in the designated space. Since we have them sit on the little bench in the living room upstairs I decided to put the rules right across from the bench on the coat hanger mantel on a pretty easel we already had. I was planning on framing it with a real frame, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I like how it looks like this though.


And Here’s a close up. I really loves how it turned out! It was so simple and easy to make! I’m looking forward to making more projects with these cool sketch pens! I’ve been stocking up on sketch shapes in the silhouette store. Now I just need time to play!!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping that next week won’t be so busy and I’ll have more time to craft and blog! 🙂 Have a great weekend!