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Let’s Get Organized! ~ The Craft Room Progress


It’s Spring Break at our house this week so things are going to be a little different around here. I’m trying to get a bunch of posts scheduled for the rest of the week so I don’t run into problems like I did today trying to get this post done. I don’t know about you, but having all 3 kids home just throws everything off track for me!

This week I’m going to be doing things a little different with my cleaning and organizing since I have the boys home. Today we kind of just played and had fun. Not much cleaning going on, but tomorrow I’m going to make the boys help me clean and do chores. I’m sure it’ll be a battle, but it needs to get done and they need to learn to do it too.

Last week was semi successful at cleaning up my scrapbooking desk. I bought some new organizing bins and made a little organizing thing for my markers. I also bought a new sticker maker at the DI a couple weeks ago. They normally run around $30, but I got it for only $1!! It was missing the sticker part, but I bought one at Jo-Ann’s for $13 this weekend. I’m so in love with my DI find!!

Here’s the before picture:


And here are some after pictures:


The desk has stayed pretty clean the last week. I have my latest craft project on there right now trying to finish it up for a post tomorrow:)


Here’s the $1 sticker maker I was talking about:) And the blue tin cups I bought at the Target Dollar Spot. I’m gonna go back and buy more because they’re so handy to have!


I’m going to store more things on the pegboard, I just need to buy more pegs.

This week I’m going to work on cleaning off and reorganizing my sewing/computer desk:


It’s pretty scary right now! I have my pile of need to sew things on the far right. I’ve been using my Cameo a lot this past week so I’ve had that out where it’s more accessible and I have tons of odds and ends all over that need to find homes.


The pile of old jeans and pants with holes is still on the floor. This week I’m going to take the time to cut them up and put them in one of these plastic drawers for scraps.


This is all the crap I had on the scrapbooking desk and under it that I didn’t feel like it or have the time to put away. *SIGH* Another thing I need to tackle this week…..


AND the ironing board… again, it’s messy. I cleaned it off last week and immediately started piling stuff on it again. It’s not that bad, YET! But it will get there if I don’t do something about it. Another BIG *SIGH*

SO, this week will be major organizing. I have a lot of things to go through and put away. That’s my goal. Put things away in places they go. Not just finding a temporary place for them on the ground or somewhere else, a REAL home!

Well, I better go now since I’ve been playing all day. I haven’t put away dishes yet and I hear my husband doing it. I don’t want to receive his wrath so this is the end until tomorrow:) Hehe

Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized! ~ The Craft Room Progress

  1. Thanks Jeanette! I give up on my craft room a LOT!! But when I get so overwhelmed I just can’t take it anymore I usually get up the nerve to clean it 🙂

  2. Quick question..your peg boards-are they flat against the wall or is there a space between it and the wall? Just wondering if the back of the pegs fit flatly or if they need room on the back…do you sorta get my question? Thank you and nothing feels better than an organized creative space!

    1. The peg board does not lay flat against the wall. They have about a quarter inch of plastic on the sides to give the pegs room to stick out. I bought them in a pack of 3 at Michael’s. I think it was the Recollections brand. I hope that answer helps you! Let me know if you have more questions! 🙂

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