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Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Spooky Milk Carton Spider


Well, good morning!! I’m glad you’re here and I’m so excited to share this project with you!


First off, though, I need to go over a few things. . . I’m going to be changing things up around here a little bit. Not really anything major, just a few minor posting tweeks. I don’t know if you’ve been coming here for a while or if you’re brand new, but I used to post 5 days a week. I went down to 3 days a week earlier this year because it was getting to be too much to keep up with. Now, even though school has started and I thought life would slow down, it hasn’t. *SIGH* I’m babysitting a 3 year old during the day as well as my own 3 year old. I am also in the process of potty training said 3 year old. ‘Nough said ’bout that, am I right?!! Yeah, it’s been quite a crazy few weeks since we’ve started potty training him. Right now I still have him in diapers because if I put him in underwear he has accidents all the time, but if he wears a diaper he never does. (*add another BIG SIGH here*)

SO, needless to say, it’s amazing that I’m still blogging at all, as well as cleaning and organizing and crafting. BUT, I’m determined not to give up on the things I love doing so that I stay sane in this process. Blogging is very therapeutic for me, for some reason. I really enjoy writing about my creative endeavors and showing you pictures of what I make so I’m definitely not going to stop blogging, or crafting for that matter! I guess, what I’m trying to say is that, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the 3 day blog post schedule I’ve been doing this year. Instead of holding myself to that rigid schedule I’m just going to post whenever I can. Saturdays and Sundays I have a lot of down time so I might only post on those days. Or, maybe if I can get a bunch of craft projects done and blogged I’ll have back up posts in my arsenal to keep you busy with reading for a while. I honestly don’t know, we’ll have to see what each day/week/month will bring. I do have quite a few projects waiting to be written up into posts so I’ll try to get those all together and organized in the coming weeks.

I hope you’ll stick around and sign up for email updates, if you haven’t already done so. Also, you can follow me on facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter to keep up with me as well.

Ok, now let’s move onto the reason you came here today!!

I found the idea for this project while searching pinterest for outdoor Halloween decor. I found this pin and immediately fell in LOVE with it!! My boys and I are NOT big fans of spiders. We get some BIG ones in our basement, Hobo spiders, non the less. In my opinion, hobo spiders are UGLY!!

With that being said, I thought if I made this big spider it would be ok because its quite obvious that its not real. It also looked like a fun and easy project. Don’t let it decieve you though, it took about 3 hours from start to finish.

Here’s a list of what you need:

* Milk Carton

* (2) Plastic Easter eggs (the bottom half, not pictured)

* Black Duck tape

* (4) 6 ft Pipe insulation tubes


In the picture above I have a small carton too because I made a baby spider as well. I ran out of tape so I haven’t hung it up yet.


Start out by wrapping the duck tape around the milk carton. Make sure you cut out the lid part, I forgot to do that first and had to do it after I had wrapped it all up.


I wrapped the bottom last but decided it might be better to do that first next time.


Here’s the milk carton all wrapped up and ready to add the legs!


Now this was the tricky part for me. I tend to do things the hardest way possible. I don’t know why, that’s just my way.


I got the 4 legs taped on. I taped them down the middle first, then did the right side of the carton and then the left.


After you get the legs put on the spider turn it over and cut triangles in the middle of the pipe.


Wrap the duck tape around the middle of the legs where you cut out the triangle. You’ll kind of have to bend it in to make it look bent like a real spiders legs



I didn’t have any green duck tape so I decided to use a roll of washi tape I had on hand. I could’ve done without it, but I kinda like how it turned out with it on.


To put the eyes on I had to play around a little bit. I finally decided to stick the plastic Easter egg on the sticky side of a piece of duck tape and then I used my glue dots to glue the tape and the eye to the milk carton.

Once I had finished it up I took it outside to hang it up….


Here’s the whole spider in all it’s finished glory.


Here’s the before picture of our front window. So BORING!! ….


And here is what it looks like NOW!!! What do you think?!!! I LOVE it! And the kids do too. I’ve noticed that as people drive by our house they kinda slow down and stare:) I’m gonna be honest with you, it makes me feel a little bit giddy inside! 🙂 I did that and they’re admiring it! (At least I hope they’re admiring it!)

The little spiders were made by Jonas and Brynnan with their Occupational Therapist last year and I found them in our Halloween box so I stuck them up there to.

To hold up the webbing I only used 2 pieces of tape and the rest of it is strategically placed on the wall so that it will stay hanging up. It’s been up since Monday this week so it’s hanging in there, hehe.

Well, thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make a not so quick, but very cool looking spider! Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Spooky Milk Carton Spider

  1. Great idea! Love this spider. I think I would freak out if I saw that outside 🙂 I am featuring it on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for linking up to Get Your DIY On and I hope to see you tomorrow sharing your pumpkin project with us!

  2. Oh this is wonderful!
    I could see sdoing several and making colored markings on their backs.
    RED eyes would look spooky.

    Too late for me this year but you may see my version next fall!

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