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Pinterest Pick ~ Homemade Puffy Paint

I have been trying to come up with fun activities for the boys to do at least once a week. My original goal was to do a fun activity every day, but then life made me realize how unrealistic that is for me. I’m lucky I get the chores done with the kids around!! 🙂 Today I have a fun and easy paint activity for you. I found the pin a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to try it since then so we finally did it!


The boys loved this craft so I’m sure we’ll be doing it again! 🙂


The original pin I found wasn’t very helpful with measurements of flour or anything else to go in the recipe so I did some searching and found the original blog. She had a recipe so I stuck to that. She said to use cardboard or mat board which I didn’t have any on hand so I decided we’d try it with cardstock.



Brynnan helped me mix up the ingredients and make 3 different colors.





Then I put each color in it’s own Ziploc bag. I cut a little hole in the tip and let them go to town.








This is Brynnan’s masterpiece before I put it in the microwave.



His masterpiece was quite thick so I put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.


Here he is checking it out after he pulled it out of the microwave.


And here it is after drying for a little while. Doesn’t it look so COOL?!! The boys loved it! 🙂


Jonas’ creation before the microwave.


This is after microwaving his for about 35 seconds.


Tinian was very proud of himself for making this! 🙂


I think I microwave Tini’s for about 40 seconds.

We let them dry on a piece of cardboard that I found after the fact. LOL They were kind of wet from being in the microwave, like the paper got all hot and sweaty. Now we just have to figure out where to display them. I should probably go on pinterest and find a cute way to display their art projects in their room! I guess I figured out what I’m going to do now instead of going to bed! (haha, I’m writing this post at 10:30 pm, so don’t think I actually stayed up writing this at 3 in the morning! I’m 30 now! 🙂 There’s no way I could stay up that late and survive the next day, come on!)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll come back next week! I have some fun stuff planned! Happy weekend!

Tinian’s finished puffy paint masterpiece.

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