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Silhouette Saturday ~ Mario Brothers Stickers

Whew! I had you wondering if I was going to post another one of these, didn’t I? 🙂 I was wondering it myself as I sat here at 10pm (Friday night) thinking I should go to bed, but not fully convinced of the idea yet. So, here I am finally writing this post!

I haven’t been doing a whole lot with my Silhouette lately. I’m bummed about that, but my desk is a mess and I don’t feel like cleaning it all up yet. Haha. Before I went on this hiatus from using my Silhouette though, Mark decided it would be fun to make the boys some stickers from all the sticker paper he bought for a project of his. He used 2 sheets and now we have98 left!! That’s a whole lot of stickers!! lol

We used the print and cut feature in the silhouette Studio program.

TaDa!! They’re done…

a closer look.

Jonas put his on the front of his folder and he was so excited to show all his friends his cool new stickers!!:)

Brynnan put his on the inside of his folder. Mario doesn’t fit on all the way, but that’s ok:)

It was fun for them to do something with Mark on a machine that I love! I wanted to give the file away as a freebie, but I’m not too sure how Nintendo would feel about that.

Buuuut, would you like to know how we made these fun stickers? Well, I’ll tell ya! I can always teach you what we did! 🙂

First, type in Mario in your search engine and then click on images (the red arrows will point you in the right direction).

click on Large under any size on the left side bar.

Once you pick the image you want click on Full size image on the right hand side bar.

right click and copy the image.

When you paste it on a new document make sure the resolution is set to 300 so you get the best quality for you sticker. Make sure you save the image as a jpeg after you paste it onto your new document. Now we’re going to create the outline of Mario to make it look like a sticker:

Click on the Magic Wand tool (W). Mark says this is one of the only times it’s okay to use that tool.

Select the outline of Mario. Note that Mario has these awesome white gloves next to a white background. You’re going to have to mess with the tolerance, drop it from the default (32); in this case, it was dropped to 16.

Click on the mask button on the bottom of the Layers window.

And Mario disappears! Don’t worry, you want that to happen. You should’ve already saved the image so no worries there.

Hold down the Alt button and then click on the mask you just created in your layers palette.

And you are now viewing your mask. Hit ctrl + A (Cmd + A on a Mac) to select all, and copy it: Edit > Copy, or Ctrl + C (Cmd + C on a Mac). Open up Adobe Illustrator, open a new document,  and past your black & white Mario in.

When the image is pasted into illustrator, it’s automatically selected. If not, select it. The bar at the top will change when ever you paste a non-vector (rastor) image in illustrator. An option called “Live Trace” will appear. Hit the downward facing arrow next to it, and select “One Color Logo”. What this will do is turn your black & white silhouette into a vector, and only worry about the black, leaving the white alone.

When that’s done, Hit the expand button that will have now appeared. That’ll commit what you’ve done into an editable vector shape.

You now have a vector Mario Silhouette! Keep him selected.

Now we’re going to give him a bit of a white edge, like stickers you buy in the store. You don’t have to do this step (and the next few steps), and you can skip it if you wish. Go to Object > Path > Offset Path.

I gave him an offset of 1/8″. give it how ever much (or little) you like. Make sure to select “Round” for your “Joins”. This just helps give a rounder, nicer edge to your outline. (If you pay close attention to the next images, you see I forgot to select this. Whoops!)

Now, right click on your shape and offset shape, and select “Ungroup”. (You may have to do this multiple times if it doesn’t do it right away.) You could also just use your direct selection tool (A) and select the inside shape for the next step.

Select the inside (original) path. Delete this (Delete key).

Select your remaining shape.

Now, on the left hand side tools pallet, press the little switcheroo arrows to exchange the fill with the stroke. You can also just press Shift + X to do this.

Mario’s outline! This is what you should see.

Now, you’re ready to be done with illustrator. Go to File > Export.

Save it with whatever name that you want, but under “Format” Choose “AutoCAD Interchange File (dxf)”. This is the only file type the Silhouette Studio will accept that Illustrator can send out. Don’t be a Mark and select “AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)”, because that won’t get you any where. 😉 Hit enter at the options window that pops up. (I don’t read it, why should you?) You’re now ready to open Silhouette Studio.

Once you’ve opened Silhouette Studio you’ll want to open up your mario.jpeg file that you saved first thing in photoshop.

The image is too big, for some reason so just click on it and hold shift and alt and make it smaller:

Like this, or whatever size you want it.

Once you have it the size you want then you’ll want to open your dxf file you just saved in illustrator.

It will open up in a new document. Click on it, copy it.

Paste it on the same page with Mario. Hold down shift and alt to resize the outline of Mario and put it in place.

Then you’ll set up the Registration marks to print it from the Silhouette Studio program. Use the up and down arrows next to the direction to move the Reg. Marks in closer.

You’ll also want to move Mario and the outline to the middle of the Registration area so it won’t print outside of the lines.

When you click the send to Studio button this menu will come up. Click the print button and pick your printer.

Once you have it printed and on your Silhouette Mat ready to cut, hit the Detect Automatically button. The Silhouette will make a bunch of noise and find the Registration Marks you printed.

Then once it’s detected the marks you’re ready to cut the page!

If all goes well, this is what your Mario should look like:

Minus Luigi, of course!:)

I hope this tutorial has helped you learn to do something you didn’t know before! And I hope your stickers turn out great!! Let me know if you have any problems with any of the instructions.

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Silhouette Saturday ~ Mario Brothers Stickers

  1. I have been looking for a solution to remove the border from images and this method seems to do it but I realized the programs your using (photoshop and illustrator) are extremely expensive. At least $1000 if I’m not mistaken. I have the cameo but i use it recreationally. Do you know of an easier, more economical way to remove the white square border like the one in your mario picture?

    1. Yes, those programs are expensive so if you don’t have them you might be able to find a free program that could do something along the same idea. I think there’s a program called Gimp that’s free and it’s something like Photoshop. I’ve never used it or looked into it, but I’ve known people that have used it. I’m not sure if it could do this same technique though. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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