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Tutorial Thursday

Was that mean of me to leave you hanging until today to get your tut?! I’m sorry, I just liked the idea of having two different posts for this project that I’m really proud of!

Now that you’re here are you ready to see the magic? lol I’m not really sure I’m that magical, but at least you can see how I did it all:)

First, I selected the background pattern I wanted. I had some that came with the Silhouette Studio program so I picked one of those. I think it was called scale background.

It took a loooonggg time to cut it out! It was pretty intricate so I understand. I pulled off the part I was going to use as the stencil and this was left on the mat. I put the transfer paper over it and pulled off the design to keep for later, if I want to use the cut out pieces for something else.

I taped the stencil on the wood piece I had painted white.

Then I started painting with the roller I bought at Micheals.

I painted the whole side of it and then moved over the stencil.

The cardstock stencil wasn’t the best thing to work with. It got very wet and was a little difficult to work with at times. I decided to do 3/4 of the board and then the last quarter of it so that I wouldn’t have any defining lines of where the paper stopped and the design started. I just wanted it all to be the design. The paper was 12×12 so the design was a little smaller.

I painted the frames a little darker brown than the background. After the frames I cut out the pictures and glued the backs to the board with Modpodge. I didn’t take any pictures of this. Sorry! I also painted modpodge on top of the photos to make sure they were good and in place.

Then I cut out the words with the Silhouette.

I put the transfer paper on top of the phrase

and cut out each word.

I placed the words on how I wanted them.

I had to painstakingly take of the transfer paper beacause no matter how hard I pressed on it, the letters wouldn’t stay down!! It was frustrating!

Almost done!!!

I painted modpodge over the words too to make sure they stayed on good.

I added the frames and was done!! YAY!!

Brynnan of course needed a picture with it too!:) He helped me out by taking pictures with my phone. I have about 50 pictures that are a millisecond apart! He just kept snapping! it was funny!

I really had a lot of fun making this! I think I might make more to put in my etsy shop. It’s a thought I had as I was doing up this post. I guess we’ll see how that idea mulls over in my mind:)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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7 thoughts on “Tutorial Thursday

  1. I’m just so, so impressed with this project, Megs! Good idea to make some for your etsy shop. I adore that stencil you made. Soooo cute.

  2. I absolutely love it! The stencil and the frames worked so well together. I’m sure she loved it. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

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