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Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Chore Charts

Good morning!! I’m happy to be back today with my kids’ new chore charts! Still not feeling 100%, but I’m slowly getting there! 🙂

I was in a local craft store, Porter’s, a month or so ago and they were having a half off sale on a lot of their craft and scrapbooking supplies. I found these CUTE little wooden clipboards for $1 and totally snatched them up for the boys.


I thought about having the boys help me by painting these themselves, but I knew I wasn’t really up for such a craft so close to school. I was really going out of my mind with them and didn’t have the patience to craft with them. LOL

Anyway, I painted them a few nights before school started and then cut out paper with my silhouette to decorate them with. Here are some in the process pictures for you to enjoy:)



I pulled out my paints and some newspaper and got to work.








The ladybug one is my favorite. I did a little bit better job painting it than the dinosaur. The dino was a bit tricky.


Here they are before I added the paper to the body part.


With my Silhouette Cameo I cut out these shapes to make them fit around the little clip area where the dinosaur and the ladybug were. This process took A LOT of trial and error. I measured wrong the first time and then I kept having to adjust it a little each time. But I finally got them just right! 🙂


Here they are before I glued them on.


I glued the paper on with Mod Podge. Yes, my 3 year old decided he wanted to help so I let him for about 2 seconds so I could take a picture of this step! I couldn’t tear my husband away from his video game. LOL


After gluing the paper down to the clipboard I then put mod podge on top of the paper to so it would stick down better.


I wasn’t very careful as I put the glue at the top around the clip and I got some inside the clip and around the edges so I had to keep it open while it dried. Ooops!


It took a few minutes for them to dry.


Then I used a hot glue gun to glue on some magnets I had on hand.


And here they are ready for use! 🙂 I love how they turned out! Today will actually be the first official day the boys use them so I hope they like them and they work out! I made one for Tini too, but haven’t finished it completely yet.


This is what our chore board looks like right now. I’m going to buy another one of the little blue organizers to put all the chores and checklists in eventually. For now they’re hanging out on the clipboards or on the counter. I think I’ll also hang up art work or school work once the boys start bringing it home.


I really love how these turned out. I’m so glad I found them!!

Since school started a week and one day ago and we’re still trying to nail down our school routine, I haven’t really been strict about the boys doing chores. My goal is to finalize these plans for daily chores this week and have a sit down with Jonas and Brynnan. I’ve never had them do chores during the school year really because they have so much going on with therapy and PSR and homework that they hardly ever had free time. This year I think that will change a little. I want them to have a daily chore or responsibility and they can choose when to do it, either before or after school.

I’ll go into this more detailed once I get it all organized.

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and I can’t wait to show you my next Pinterest Pick project I have for you on Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve done one so I hope you’re excited too! 🙂



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