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Whatever Wednesday ~ A Summer Shade

Do you have the same problem I do during the summer? It stays light later, which might not be a problem for a lot of families, but my kids have the same bed time during the summer as during the school year. Keeping the same routine all year round helps us all stay sane.

Mark and I were talking the other night about how it would be nice if Tinian would sleep in his crib upstairs in the room for all 3 boys instead of the playroom downstairs. Then we could turn the playroom into a craft room for me and he could have the office area for all of his guy stuff:) As we kept talking we realized the problem was that it was too light for him to sleep upstairs with all the light coming in the window. He was used to sleeping in the basement which was dark at night.

When Jonas was a baby we had a leaky window in his room so it would get cold at night. We made a fleece blanket and hung it up in his window with some shower rods. It kept out the cold and the light during the summer.

So, we decided to do the same thing to help Tinian. I went to JoAnn’s Fabric Saturday night and got a really good deal on some fleece. It was only $3.99 a yard. I bought a little over 4 yards.

I cut off the amount I needed to fit the window.

I pinned and then sewed.

I sewed up the other side and measured for the rod.

And here’s the finished project in the window.

I’m not a very straight seamstress so there were a lot of crooked areas along the lines, but it all worked out. We hung it up and have used it since Sunday night. It’s been working great! Tinian is getting used to sleeping in his crib again and I will soon have a craft room for all my stuff. I won’t be stuffed into my little corner anymore!! Woohoo! I’m excited! I’ve even started thinking about colors and themes for my room!:)

What have you been making lately? I’d love to see it! Link us up to your blog in the comments.

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