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LGO ~ The Pantry Review

I’m finally ready to blog about the pantry organization I did 2 weeks ago. It went really well and I’m pleased with the end result. My husband on the other hand has many complaints for the changes that I made since he’s the one that does most of the cooking. I just keep telling him that I want to keep things in categories and more organized rather than everything shoved on random shelves. He’s not very good with change!!

Anyway, here’s the BEFORE picture:

Totally crazy! We had TONS of cereal boxes and a bunch that we opened, ate once and never touched again. I gladly got rid of those through freecycle and a bunch of other food we won’t eat. It felt VERY GOOD to get rid of that food!!

And this is AFTER!!!:) Doesn’t it look so CLEAN??!! I’m still amazed at how clean it looks now, almost 2 weeks later. It makes me smile every time I open the pantry to see everything all tidy and organized. I have to maintain it myself because Mark just went shopping on Saturday and after he put the cupboard food away it was a mess again:P

Do you like my labels? I got the blue bins at walmart for $4, I think. They’re pretty big and can usually fit all of our chips and crackers. The label on the right is for the chips and the one on the left is crackers.

This is what the shelf actually looks like with all the chips in their proper place. I hate the cheese balls container! It’s so big and always in the way!!:P There wasn’t enough room for another bin because we have our big bag of pancake mix and bisquik in the back so I decided to put our cookie stash and any extra cereal or crackers in front of those mixes. In the container is Cream of Wheat which didn’t fit on the shelf below with all the other hot breakfast foods.

This is the bottom drawer. It holds spaghetti noodles in the back left basket, sauces on the back right, oils and vinegar in the front right and rice and produce in the front left basket. The oil, la choy noodles and grease didn’t fit in another container so they get to be free:)

This is the snack drawer, kind of. It shares with the mashed potatoes and taco shells and bread crumbs. Kool-aid mixes, marshmallows, fruit snacks, granola bars, chocolate chips, oh, AND party plates, napkins and cups:) Yeah, it’s kind of a junk drawer of the food sort. LOL But it works for us. I didn’t change much with this drawer, except for where the Kool-aid was at. I added the basket for the paper plates, etc and it looks much more organized.

This is the only label I put on one of the shelves. I’m not sure if I really want to label all of them so I’m trying to decided before doing them all.

So there you have it! That is our pantry as of today. I just took the pictures today too so you can see how it looks more stocked than before and how it has stay organized! Yeah, for organization!:)

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and come back tomorrow, I’ll be starting the week off with my new organizing goals.



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