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Easter Egg Rice Krispies Treats

I know, I normally do a Pinterest Pick on Friday, but I had a last minute change of plans. I did have something picked out to do with my boys yesterday, but the day got a little busy and we didn’t have time to do the craft I had planned. Maybe another time:)

Anyway, my husband really LOVES a certain bloggers cooking website, Ree from, The Pioneer Woman. He makes a lot of her recipes. Our favorite is her salsa!! Go check out her blog!!

He was on her blog yesterday and saw the post she had up a few days ago for Krispy Easter Eggs. He loved the idea so he texted it to me and after dinner we made them together, with help from the kids, of course! It was a fun little family project.


Ingredients Needed:

1 package Cadbury Mini Eggs

6 cups Mini-Marshmallows

5 1/2 cups Rice Krispies cereal

4 tbsp. butter


Plastic Easter Eggs

All you do is make the Rice Krispies treats like you normally do. The only difference instead of putting them in a pan to cool you put them into the plastic Easter eggs. Easy peasy! 🙂





The Cadbury eggs go in the middle. I didn’t take pictures of that so go over to Ree’s blog to see her tutorial.


Putting the Rice Krispies treat mix into the eggs was VERY messy! Ree suggests putting Pam spray on your hands so it doesn’t stick. I didn’t do that and this is what happened! LOL


We didn’t have a cool little egg holder like Ree did, so this is what we came up with. I thought it was pretty clever 🙂 We let them cool for a while so they wouldn’t fall apart as we rolled them in the sprinkles.



Jonas and Brynnan of course had to help with this part! Even Tinian got in on the action.


And Voila! Here they are all gussied up! Don’t they look so cute? Is that weird to use the word cute on a food you will eat? LOL


It was a fun, last minute project. I’m glad Mark came upon it! Now, go off to Ree’s blog and become a new follower! I know I am! She has a lot of GREAT recipes!! 🙂

*A little side note that we figured out, I washed a bunch of our Easter eggs thinking we’d leave the rice krispy treats in them to harden, but Ree suggested not letting them stay in for very long. Mark sprayed 2 of the eggs and we just used them. I filled one while he emptied the other. He would make sure they were molded together enough and then placed them in the muffin pan. They all seemed to keep their shape.*

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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