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Tasty Thursday with Emily ~ Mediteranean Burgers

Hi there! My name is Emily and I blog over at A Tossed Salad Life. People sometimes ask how my blog got its name. I was told by a friend and mentor that living in a step family is a lot more like a tossed salad than a blended smoothie. All of the separate and individual components of the salad have their unique flavors, then they get tossed together and something even more flavorful is formed. I live in a step family with my wonderful husband, and two beautiful and perfect boys, who are 10 years apart in age.

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I love cookies, crafts, and quick (but tasty) cuisine. In the winter we use the crockpot a lot and in the summer we use the grill a lot. I’m going to share with you a tasty variation on the traditional hamburger. It’s very yummy. I saw this recipe in the Taste of Home magazine a few months ago, I memorized the recipe quickly, and have a few tweaks to share.

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Now you can make this recipe as your traditional beef burger, or for a little extra flavor consider using bison; however, this is really tasty with ground lamb, so that you have a Mediterranean Lamb burger. (Also if you aren’t sure about ground lamb, consider mixing a combination of ground beef and ground lamb). Whatever type of meat you like, gather up a pound and a half to make these tasty burgers, and 3 other ingredients. In addition to your ground meat, you’ll need some red onion, feta cheese, and Konriko Greek seasoning. (You can find the Konriko Greek seasoning in spice aisle, or some similar product.)

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Now, I general do things by feel and proportion, but I’m going to give you my general process. Please note that if you like Feta cheese a lot, you can add more, same with the onion and seasoning.

I use:

  • 1 1/2 pounds ground meat (beef, bison or lamb)
  • 1/3 of a small-medium red onion, chopped finely
  • 1/4 cup Feta cheese. (If you use crumbled, crumble the larger chunks more finely.
  • 2 Teaspoons of Greek Seasoning

Mix the ingredients together with a fork:

 photo MeditteraneanBurgerInProcess_zps9db7528b.jpg

Now, a couple of things you need to remember when you prepare these burgers. Mix the ground meat and ingredients together well before making your burger patties. You need to make sure the last burger has the right proportion of meat to it. You also must pat your burgers together well. They are crammed fully of yummy cheese and onion, so if you pat them together too loosely, they won’t stick. I roll them into a firm ball before pressing them into patties. Then stick those burgers on the grill to cook! Yum!

 photo MediterraneanBurgersRaw_zps87bedd06.jpg

If you want to have the complete Mediterranean Burger, you can serve the burger with a little Tzatziki Sauce, but as a Southern girl, I like a little Duke’s Mayonnaise!

Happy grilling! Hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime soon!

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