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St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Idea

Hello, friends! How are you today? Can you believe it is already the middle of March?!! This year is just flying by way too fast!

Since it’s the day before St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would share a cute little breakfast idea for you to use tomorrow morning. Last year for Valentine’s Day my husband made pink pancakes in the shape of hearts, so for St. Patty’s day he decided to make green clovers for breakfast. They were very yummy, according to my oldest son Jonas.

All you do is make your normal pancake batter, then add green food coloring.


Put the batter in a picnic ketchup holder thing (I know, I’m very challenged when it comes to the names of things.) and then slowly squeeze the container into the pan. Make the outline of the four leaf clover first. This makes it a little bit easier to get the shape you want.


Then fill in the shape you made, let the pancake cook and VOILA! you’ve got a yummy and cute festive breakfast for you and your kiddos.


My oldest son, Jonas, loved the pancakes!


He ate at least 3 of them, which is a lot for him!! He’s not a big eater and he is also very picky so that fact that he ate GREEN pancakes is a HUGE deal!

Well, thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you’re having a great Monday! Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow!

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