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Valentine’s Day Surprise for Him ~ with Jaime

Hello Crafty Meggy Readers!
Emily and I over at Everyday Art are two sister-in-laws who believe in creating a little bit of art everyday.
This is one of the gifts I am most proud of.
A few years ago for Valentine’s day (when we were only tinkering with blogging), I was wondering what to do for my husband. We were in school, with children, far from family, everyone else we knew were also looking for babysitters for Valentine’s, etc. I wanted to do something more unique, and this is what I came up with.
My husband came home to this as his Valentine’s Day surprise.
I remember that the the day was quite the extravaganza with a 3-year-old and an almost 1-year-old and trying to get all those balloons in the car in the windiest city in the world (no, not Chicago, but I am sure it was more windy than that) and possibly the coldest city, and I locked my keys in the car…. Phew, 3 years later and I still remember that!
I also remember how much fun my 3-year-old had helping with the surprise and grin on my husband’s face.
At the bottom of each balloon was a picture of us from years past, printed in a nice sepia tone from our home computer. Each picture was then glued to a piece of card stock with the balloon ribbon sandwiched in between. Then, on the back of the card stock, I wrote a reason I loved him.



To finish the romantic effect, I sprinkled the bed with rose petals.


And, I might say, that my husband genuinely liked the surprise, so it was fun for the giver and the receiver.
I hope it can serve as inspiration for a romantic gift to your special someone.
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Best wishes!

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