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Nail Polish, do you wear it? I haven’t since Mark and I got married. Well, even before that I rarely put it on. I hate how long it takes to dry and then it chips almost instantly because I don’t want to buy the expensive nail polish:P I was at Kmart a couple months ago and they were having a clearance on tons of Revlon make-up and nail polish, etc. I picked up a couple things. One of them was a purple nail polish, originally priced at $4, marked down to $1!!! I thought that was a steal so I bought it!:)

Did I use it right away? Of course not! It took me 2 months to put it on! I did an ok job, but it’s been 10 years or more since I’ve done it so they weren’t perfect. Brynnan loved my “pretty fingers!” as he called them. He loves it when I do pretty things to myself, he always compliments me on my hair, “I love your hair, mom” or “Your hair is so cute”. He is such a sweetie!! I love it!

I was at walmart the other day and to buy some nail polish remover to remove my purple nail polish that had actually lasted a long time!:) I decided to look into getting another color to expand my nail polish collection. There was an instant dry brand that appealed to me, but it was $6 and I really didn’t want to spend that much on nail polish so I settled on a glittery blue one for only $1.92. I knew it was probably a gamble to buy one so cheap, but I was willing to give it a try.

Last night I finally put it on, but only one hand. LOL It was bedtime, but I wanted to do it for this post today so I just did. They turned out ok. Since it was a glittery kind I had to do about 3 coats, which wasn’t fun. I got a little impatient and my pointer finger got messed up so I removed the polish before going to bed. Here are the results:


Please ignore my hideous hands!!:P They look so chubby right now.

Yay, they look pretty!

What brand of nail polish do you buy? How long do you usually leave a color on? It really bothers me to have the clothes I wear and my nail polish not match, which is probably the biggest reason why I don’t wear it, next to the fact that it takes time to make it look good and I hate waiting. haha

I’ve never been one to paint my toe nails, EVER! I just don’t like touching feet. I think they’re gross, no matter if they’re clean! So, I think I had a pedicure on my birthday after Jonas was born and that is the only time I had them painted. Maybe I’ll do some experimenting with that too. We’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!!


6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. I rarely wear polish, and when i do, i leave it till my nails grow out sometimes! lol…it usually chips away or rubs off. but i love the instant dry stuff. especially since my daughter loves to paint nails with mom. i usually do like you, grab it on sale..but my local grocery store has a brand thats usually under 2 bucks, and usually instant dry. so, i guess you just have to shop around. sometimes the dollar section at target has polish, like on valentines day. i’ve even found deals like, buy one get one free. i only have a few bottles. i’m trying to get into the habit of looking nice and done up. it really can boost ur confidence. :O)

  2. I totally agree Eliz!! That’s also why I’m trying to look nicer and more dressed up these days. Confidence is always nice to have when you’re a mom!

  3. I’ve been toying with the idea of painting my nails lately; but I’m worried I’ll chip at it – I’m kind of a nervous nail picker kind of a gal. I always paint my toenails, though. You’re funny that you won’t even paint your own toenails!! I can see not painting other peoples’ toenails, but your own? Haha! You’re funny.

  4. Luis loves it when I wear nail polish but I don’t do it very much… its just such a pain,but I try because I know he likes it.

  5. We buy lots of nail polish lately it seems. My girls are really into a lot of the giittery kind so we have a variety. We also have a couple of opaque colors- blues and greens. We always have a variety of pinks, both bright and earthy. For a long time i only painted my toes because they got less wear and tear and they looked nicer longer. But lately I haven’t bothered with it. Nail drying time is the biggest challenge for sure! I read if you wait between coats, did it say 30 mins? then it will be better if you apply multiple coats, and you can get top coat stuff to help it last. I won’t buy 7- 10 dollar nail polish that Lauren longs for that is supposed to last longer though!
    With 4 girls and myself, we get lured into the nail polish area a lot these days, now that they are starting to paint their own nails more. One funny thing for me is, I like to paint my nails and I love nail polish (when I was little I had nice long nails and was really good at painting them, but now it’s hard to keep from bumping something and messing them up and I keep them short to play the guitar) and I don’t think a lot of colors look good on my hands – by the way, you have beautiful hands and nails!- so I will just paint my left thumb, that way I get to use the fun color, but not waste it I guess? 🙂 I don’t know why I do it, but I do.

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