February Challenge ~ Drink Water!!

I follow a blog called Tales of Beauty for Ashes. I love reading along as the blogger is so real and tells it how it is. She is also very spiritual and I enjoy those posts. Well, she’s doing a monthly challenge and February he has challenged us to drink more water.

I really need this!! I am horrible at drinking water! It’s no wonder I always get headaches and feel sluggish and lazy. Water helps with so many aspects of your life!! Who knew?! LOL Well, I think we all know that, but we tend to ignore it. At least I do. I drink maybe 3 cups of water a day. I have been trying to drink more water the past month, but it’s so hard! I get so busy doing other stuff and I just forget to drink.

I have a plan for this month though! In the past what has worked for me is filling up a water bottle and carrying it around the house with me. This way I am getting at least 3 cups of water down once I’m done with the bottle and I don’t have to worry about spilling it, or my toddler spilling it. I am very accident prone. I spill stuff all the time. It’s no wonder my kids are the same way! hehe

So, for this month I’ve decided I’m going to try a different approach to my old method. I like the idea of having a water bottle but I don’t always finish it off or I get bored of having to hold my head back to get all of it out at the end. Becky has a couple different pictures on  her blog of cups and glasses and one of them is of those plastic ones with a lid and straw you can get these days. I see them everywhere! I actually considered using them for the boys’ teacher appreciation gifts last year, but they’re quite pricey! My boys had 4 teachers between the 2 of them and at $4 a cup they would run me into the ground soooo I went with a cheaper version. BUT I’m thinking that since I’m one person and a new fun cup would get me excited about this challenge I might just splurge and buy one:) Having the straw will make it easier to drink and do my work at the same time. Yay!

I think I might even have a little fun with my Silhouette and vinyl, which have been sitting on my desk collecting dust since I’ve been working so much on sewing, blogging and photography. *SIGH* I miss it! So, I’m definitely heading to walmart tomorrow and then going to have fun decorating my new cup! I bought some pretty light purple vinyl a while ago at Porters for pretty cheap and I haven’t used it yet so maybe I’ll give that color a try!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to accomplish this challenge this month and I hope you are too!! Come back tomorrow to find out what the new organizing room is!! 🙂 Hope you’re having a happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “February Challenge ~ Drink Water!!

  1. You could also reward yourself… like if you drink a full bottle 2 or 3 times a day you can get a little treat or watch your favorite show or something. I need this challenge too!

  2. I am drinking lots of water lately…like a gallon or more a day!!! I have a large water bottle and my goal is to refill it every two hours!!! It works, and i feel so good…plus drinking that much water keeps my tummy full and i don’t have the desire to do senseless snacking…i am always running to the bathroom though, but that is the only downside!!

  3. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day is a challenge for me, too. But, I do feel so much better when I do it. The wellness challenge Shondee & I are doing has given us an added challenge for this week: only drink water or milk. No flavored water or milk, no juices, so sodas, just water or plain milk. This won’t be too difficult for me, as I don’t care to drink much juice or hardly any soda. But I’ll still have to work at getting all of the water drunk each day! Keep it up, Megan! It IS good for you!!

  4. Good idea, Megs. I remember I read years ago that, when you have a headache, instead of taking a Tylenol, drink water. That most headaches are caused from dehydration. I’ve followed that advice for years, and it’s always true. I try water first, and voila, the headache is gone.

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