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I’m trying something new today, since I’m not at all fashionable and I don’t always have a fashion post each week today I thought I’d do a fitness post. It’s been on my mind this morning because I went for a run today, but ended up walking. Why? you ask? Well, that would be because on tuesday when I went jogging last I didn’t stretch well enough, if at all. I kind of halfheartedly stretch before I run, which isn’t good!! I just either forget and so I do it after starting out or I just think it won’t hurt to stretch a little.

Tuesday I think I remembered to stretch after I started out and I didn’t do a very good job. I was also running with just the dog that morning because it was SO windy that I left Tini at a friends house. I thought it would be easier to run without the stroller with the dog….. boy was I WRONG!!! He kept running across my path or stopping to pee for WAY too long! UGH!! It was just a frustrating run! Then my ankles started hurting as I was running and by the end my knee was not feeling so good either. I usually do 2 laps or a little more, but I only did about 1 and a half on Tuesday. I just wasn’t with it that morning!

Now fast forward to today and I’m in PAIN!!! The sides of my calves HURT when I run, jog or walk. It’s not shin splints, I’ve had those before and this is nothing like that. It’s all on the side, not in the back. Maybe I just pushed myself to hard and it’s going to take time to get back into a good groove? I really don’t know!!

Does anyone know what I can do to help feel better? Also, what stretches do you recommend before running? I do lunges and those other leg stretch things where you bend over. I pull up my legs at the knee. I think that’s all..

Anyway I would love your suggestions and advice! It’s very much appreciated! Also, today I wanted to share another song with you that I’m really enjoying as a workout song:

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Rolling in the Deep by Adele

She is my new favorite artist!! I LOVE her voice! So amazing and beautiful!

Thanks for stoppoing by! I gotta shower and pick up kids from school. I hope you enj0y your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. I’m so sorry your calves (the sides) are hurting! I notice that my joints and muscles hurt for a good two months or so after I’ve started jogging regularly. It just takes time for your body to get used to it, I think.

    I say leave that dang doggie at home. He’s a lover, not a jogger. 🙂

    My stretches –

    1. Lean against a wall or a rail or something supportive, feet flat on the ground, leaning far forward, to get a calf stretch.
    2. Hold onto a rail or something and push your butt back. One leg is under your butt, bent, and the other is straight in front of you on the ground, foot flexed. Then do the other side. Your back will be parallel to the ground.
    3. Now keep holding to the rail and pushing your butt back. Keep your feet forward, both feet flexed. Your back will be parallel to the ground.
    4. Then stand and kick one leg up to your butt in the back, knee bent. Hold it. Then do your other leg.
    5. Get on the ground on your knees. Sit on your feet. Lean back, arms behind you on the ground to support you.
    6. Sit on your butt in the butterfly stretch. Lean forward.
    7. Sitting on your butt, cross one leg over the other, both bent. One leg will be touching its opposite hip. The other one will be perpendicular to the ground, touching its opposite hip. If your right leg is upright, twist your upper body to the right, anchoring your left elbow to the right of your right knee. Then do your other leg.
    8. Lie on your back, bend your knees and squeeze your legs tight into you like a fetal pose.
    9. Still lying on your back, put your foot on the ground, knee bent. Put the other leg straight up into the air, perpendicular to the ground. Flex that foot. Then do the other leg.
    10. Still lying on your back, cross the leg that was into the air over to the ground. If your right leg was up, put it on the ground to the left of your body. But keep your upper body flat on the ground to get a good twist in your waist. Then do the other side.

    And that’s what I do! You’re right – stretching is key to preventing pain. I think I read somewhere that you’re supposed to stretch after you warm up – five minutes into your jog – and then when you’re done, but usually, I’m too impatient and just stretch when I’m done. 🙂

  2. Looks like Kar has given you a great stretch out routine. I hope it helps you enjoy your running more. And, I have to tell you I’m impressed with you for even being a runner!!! Keep up the good work!
    Also, wanted to tell you that I watched the video – and I’ve grown to like that song, too – anyway, as I was watching the video, seeing things smashed up and things sitting on an oval table & exploding, etc., it brought back a memory. It’s one you shared. Remember. The day you & Shondee helped your kids make cement moldings of the kids’ hands, and they were sitting to dry on our oval, glass patio table – but then the table exploded! Yeah, it kind of looked like things in that video…
    Oh, well, keep running!!

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