I Need Your Help

Ok, so I’m addicted to pinterest!! If you’ve seen my boards I’m sure you’ve noticed!! It’s amazing what you can find on there!! Things I would never think of in a million years! And I pin them all! I have no problem pinning something and never going to the actual website to read about it. I pin it and move on because there is so much to see I have to just keep going.

Well, I’m fed up with myself for doing this, although I will most likely continue doing it, I want to do something about it. I want to choose one craft a week and finish it. Right now I’m really getting into the sewing stuff. No, I don’t have a sewing machine, but I AM borrowing one from my friend who never uses hers so I have indefinitely borrowed it:) I made half of a dress in high school. I never finished it, I think I got annoyed or bored of making it. I made my son Brynnan some pajamas when he was 18 months old, about 3 years ago. Since then I haven’t touched a machine.

Well, actually I did help my mother in law sew a bag for me that I am now using for church. Maybe I’ve done more sewing than I remember, but the point is I am horrible at sewing. My stitches are NEVER straight and I always do SOMETHING wrong! My first and last sewing machine I owned I broke! I had only had it for a few¬† months and I was hemming some shorts for the hubby. Well, I busted the motor or something because it wouldn’t ever go again!! lol

I am determined to become a seamstress! My mother is amazing at it!! She always has been. She made my wedding dress!:) I love that dress! I wish I could stil lfit in it because I would totally use it as my temple dress.

Anyway…. I want to sew something and I can’t decide on what. I have nothing to start out with. Ok, ok, I have some thread and some boyish fabric, but that’s about all. My friends machine is amazing. It is all computerized and can do so many things. I’m kind of scared to use it!! The one I had was old! It was my husbands grandma’s old sewing machine!

Since I don’t have much fabric and very little money to start off this first sewing project I’m not sure what to do. I have a few things pinned that I would love to try that seem easy enough:

ruffle bag


little girls ruffle dress

scrunch purse ( I LOVE this!! CUTE fabric! And I totally need a new purse!)

Ruffle skirt

And, the one I’m leaning towards as my first sewing project is this cute little skirt. I saw it pinned on pinterest and it said, “One hour skirt” underneath it. That seems like something I could do… maybe.

So, which one do you think I should start with? After reading over the directions on the clutch, that one is OUT!! lol The ruffle skirt article didn’t have instructions so if I do that one I’ll have to find them elsewhere or make them up myself. The little girls ruffle dress is really cute and seems easy enough. I keep going back to that last skirt though. I don’t know, so many to choose from!!

In the coming weeks I’ll be scouting for some good fabric on sale since my budget is VERY slim. Give me your suggestions and imput! I’m totally open about this since I know nothing and have nothing to start with. Although, I have been saving old shirts and pants, etc. I have a drawerful so I bet I could make a ruffle skirt out of that stuff:)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful Monday!:)

7 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Hey Megs! I agree with the skirt…I myself truly enjoy sewing and like you, want to become a seamstress. So, from one seamstress to another the skirt is a good start. In regards to cost…Joann’s has awesome sales as well as great coupons, sign up for their newsletter or go in and purchase a $3 magazine that has oodles of coupons. Good luck and keep us posted with pics!

  2. Oooh, that skirt really stands out. That fabric is gorgeous! I was so in love with the fabric we saw at the Ribbon Retreat. So vibrant and pretty and springey. And I think it will be a good project to start with. You should have Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch give you a sewing machine for your birthday. I think the one my mom gave me was maybe $200 or less??

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